Debunking Three Common Cooling Myths

Since cooling systems have been around for so long, a lot of misconceptions about them are present. There are all sorts of supposed facts people hear from others that seem reasonable but are actually false. Don’t fall victim to common cooling myths. Educating yourself about why these myths are incorrect will help you save money and improve your indoor air quality.

1. You Don’t Really Need to Pay Attention to Air Filters

Air filters are more than just a way of keeping dust out of your home. They actually help to trap microscopic particles that could otherwise end up making it harder for your unit to run. People who change their filters regularly can save up to 10 percent in energy charges.

2. Any Size of AC Will Work Fine for Your Home

Many people shrug off concerns about AC size by saying they’ll just run their system more or less to compensate for any differences in size. However, an incorrectly sized unit can cycle on and off more frequently or run longer than it needs to. It can actually be more inefficient for a large unit to cool a space than a small one. This tends to lead to all sorts of wear and tear that can make Burbank residents end up needing Air Max HVAC‘s AC repair services more frequently.

3. You Should Turn Your Thermostat Really Low to Cool Quickly

When you walk in your home and it feels extremely hot, your first instinct might be to crank the thermostat as low as possible. The reality is that the AC unit runs at the same intensity all the time. All the thermostat does is control how long the unit runs. Setting the thermostat really low will not make your home cool quickly. Instead, it will just raise your utility bills and make your home chillier in the long run.

If you want to learn more about how cooling systems actually work, Air Max HVAC can help. We’re happy to provide California residents with repairs, maintenance, and installation for all HVAC systems. Call us today to learn more about our services.

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