4 Furnace Efficiency Tips

Furnace efficiency tips With the winter bringing chillier temperatures in the Burbank, California area, it’s time to think about ways to keep your utility bills under control. One of the best ways of doing so that the average homeowner can easily accomplish on their own is to implement the following furnace efficiency tips:

1. Schedule a Furnace Check-Up

Even though you might be using your furnace to help take the chill off these early winter mornings, it’s not too late to schedule a check-up for this vital housing system. Ideally, this should be completed prior to the temperatures dropping, but scheduling this appointment now can ensure that your furnace is running at peak condition.

2. Replace Your Furnace Filters

In general, it’s recommended that you replace your furnace filters at least once per month throughout the year. In some cases, you could experience better furnace efficiency by replacing your filter more often. During the maintenance visit you schedule with a professional like Air Max HVAC Inc, you can clarify what the technicians recommend for your particular heating system.

3. Seal Air Leaks

While many homeowners think about their windows being the source of air leaks, there are a number of other areas related to your ductwork and furnace that can allow the air to escape as well.

4. Use Your Thermostat Efficiently

Today’s programmable thermostats provide the ability for you to customize the temperature in your home in a “set it and forget it” fashion. When you’re at home, program your thermostat so that it heats your home only to the temperature that you’re comfortable. Once you leave for the day or while you’re sleeping, allow the thermostat to adjust the temperature downward. You can easily program it to warm up your home so that it’s comfortable in the morning when you wake up or once you arrive back at home.

Your Furnace Efficiency Experts

Contact Air Max HVAC Inc today for more furnace efficiency tips, to schedule an appointment for furnace maintenance or for a consultation to have us install a programmable thermostat.

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