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“I am a single mom with a little girl. I called the manager Jeffrey after 9 p.m. I had called at least 12 other companies, and most did not answer. The ones that did stated things like I needed a new furnace, they were not available until a day or two, and NONE were kind nor helpful. I was in tears! Jeffrey walked me through everything! He said he would refuse to allow a mother and little girl to freeze, as this was, of course, the first huge storm in Thousand Oaks that I have experienced in ages, therefore my house was ice cold! Jeffrey did, in fact, walk me through everything, and sure enough, it was as simple as the door to the furnace was not closed tight enough since I had just recently changed my filter. I insisted on mailing him a check for his truly sincere kindness, and he refused any monies, as he said it was a simple fix to him. If only there were more people like him. I NEVER write reviews, good or bad. However, this man and company were EXCEPTIONAL, and I feel everyone needs to know this, as well as everyone needs to know a truly HONEST company to do business with. I could not be more grateful and I encourage everyone to ONLY use this company!!!!! This is an honest review; and for all that have any questions, my number is (805) 807-4725. I feel truly compelled to write this, and if anyone has any questions, then feel free to call me; that is how strongly I feel about Jeffrey and this company!”

– Leah H.

“I’m happy to add my 5-star rating for Air Max to the others on the list. Our contractor recommended the company, and Abe came quickly and gave us a same-day estimate. It was the most reasonable of the estimates that we received. Changing out our old gravity furnace for a new heating and air conditioning unit required the removal of asbestos ducts. Abe gave us an estimate of time that was right on the money. The crew worked steadily to ensure that they finished in the predicted three days. They were not only efficient but neat and cleaned up well after each day on the job. Abe was friendly and helpful all the way through. About 2 weeks later, my son and daughter-in-law’s heater went out and I suggested that she call Abe. He was there the next morning at 7 a.m. and fixed it so she could get to work on time. Now that’s great service! I will certainly use Air Max for maintenance visits as well as any repairs or eventual replacement of equipment that we may need.”

– Jane M.