Ductless Mini Split in Burbank CA

    Looking to install a Ductless Mini Split in Burbank, CA, makes you wiser than you may realize. While larger central air conditioning units may be the traditional norm, they are not without their faults. Most of these can be addressed by adding Mini Split AC units in addition to your current system.

    In new construction, the energy efficiency of the building can be maximized, maintenance simplified, and livability greatly enhanced by designing the HVAC system around the use of Ductless Mini-Split AC units from the outset. Yes, Mini-Splits bring a lot of advantages to the table which makes them a very smart option to consider.

    Advantages of Ductless Mini Split AC Systems

    Burbank, CA. may not have the hottest or coldest weather in the country, but the seasons do change. Unfortunately, people’s comfort zones seem to be as variable as the weather. It is a battle that is as old as man. One person is too hot, while another is always freezing. In modern homes, this leads to a constant battle over the thermostat.

    To make matters even worse, very few buildings have a perfectly designed HVAC system. There always seem to be some rooms that stay slightly hotter or colder than others. You are forced to decide on what is always the lesser of evils when deciding how to keep everyone comfortable in every room. Installing Mini Split AC systems silver many of these problems.

    With ductless mini-split ac units, each area of a home or office can be controlled independently. If one person is a little cold-natured, the room they are in can be set to a slightly higher temp. If another is always hot, they can drop the thermostat in the room they are in. In an office setting, this can be a godsend.

    At the same time, ductless Mini-Split AC systems promote energy efficiency by removing the need to heat and cool dead spaces that are not being used. Every home and office has rooms that are underutilized. Why waste energy and money by constantly maintaining their temperature?

    Advantages that ductless mini-split AC units bring to the table.
    • Ductless mini-splits are much quieter than big units
    • Mini-split ACs eliminate dusty ductwork
    • They lower your carbon footprint
    • Mini-splits remove more allergens
    • Ductless units save on energy costs
    • Mini-spit Unites require less maintenance

    Your Burbank Ductless Mini Spit AC Team

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