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When you arrive at your house after a tiring day, you shouldn’t have to think about the cleanliness and quality of the air inside your home. You expect it to be fresh and clean – just like (if not more than) outside. However, lots of times the air outdoors is actually cleaner than your indoor air. The only way to be sure that you’re breathing healthy air inside is to have an indoor air quality audit done by Air Max HVAC Inc in Burbank, CA. Our highly skilled team of indoor air quality experts provide a detailed examination of all of the various areas of your air to provide you with solutions to improve the safety and comfort you experience in your home.

Burbank Indoor Air Quality Audits for Comfort and Safety

It’s not always easy to identify the status of your air quality. Because most airborne contaminants are invisible to the naked eye, the only real ways to notice poor indoor air quality are the resulting symptoms. From worsening allergies to headaches, dizziness, and more issues, your indoor air quality can really make an impact on your overall comfort. Plus, poor indoor air quality issues like undesirable humidity levels can be a breeding ground for skin issues, mold, and many more unwanted consequences. By having our experienced team perform a comprehensive air quality audit in your home, we can pinpoint any potential areas of your air quality you may want to address.

Our indoor air quality audit identifies undesirable levels of:

Indoor Air Quality Audit in Burbank

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Carbon monoxide
  • Particulates
  • VOCs
  • Carbon dioxide
  • Ventilation

What Does an Indoor Air Quality Audit Involve?

We’ll test all the areas that affect air quality, including temperature, humidity, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, particulates (dust) and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). We’ll perform tests to see where your home’s weaknesses are, whether that’s letting in dust and allergens or not getting enough ventilation. After studying results from the tests, our team will explain the issues we found and how they can be fixed. Plus, we offer a full range of high quality products to treat the various areas of air quality issues, and perform experienced installation of each product for your lasting safety and comfort.

Our air quality services and products include:

We’ll show you the potential indoor air quality snags and help you take the next steps to a healthier home. Schedule your appointment online or by phone at 818-436-0006 today. Air Max HVAC Inc is your company for an indoor air quality audit in Burbank.

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