About Air Max HVAC, Inc.

Air Max HVAC has been around since 2001, serving Burbank and surrounding areas with heating and cooling services and expertise. Our staff is knowledgeable and fully trained on a full range of HVAC products, maintenance and technology. We are committed to a sound repair and service program to our communities.

Airmax Experts

The Air Max HVAC staff is highly trained and motivated to perfect and maintain the quality of our service and installation in the air conditioning and heating community. Our sales team consists of engineers who evaluate a customer’s needs prior to the selection of equipment and services rendered. The general staff has more than 80 years of combined experience in the HVAC industry, which includes engineering and the teaching the HVAC trade in local community colleges.

Aside from offering excellent service, we also offer a wide range of high technology and innovative Lennox® HVAC products. If you’ve heard the Lennox name before, you probably know about its dedication to creating quality equipment through continuous innovation. When you work with Air Max HVAC, you’ll find products that may be more efficient and could even help reduce your utility costs.

Air Max HVAC has a long-standing reputation in the community, having been in operation for over 15 years. Our commitment to this community is regarded as a partnership, and our commitment to the quality of our work is our No. 1 concern. Dedicated to making your life a bit more comfortable, call Air Max HVAC in Burbank at 818-436-0006 to learn more, or schedule an appointment online to start working with us.