Healthier Burbank Air with the Power of Germicidal UV Lights

Information about GermsGerms are something that we always seem to find ourselves thinking about. But what if we told you that you could help lower the amount of germs in your home by simply doing something you already do? Germicidal lights are one of the most basic ways to clean up your Burbank, CA, home’s indoor air, and the best part is that they are really easy to add to your home.

Our high-quality Lennox Healthy Climate® germicidal lights take advantage of rays of ultraviolet light that are able to kill contaminants in your home without being damaging to humans, so no need to worry about the technology behind our systems. Plus, with simple installation inside your current heating and cooling system’s duct work, you can rest easy knowing that the air circulated throughout your home is as healthy as it can be because of these lights.

An effective and easy solution, these UV lights can reduce the mold, pet dander, and bacteria that settle in our homes, so using their perks is almost a no-brainer.

Healthy Climate® Germicidal Lights:
  • Treat viruses, mold, and bacteria
  • Protect your heating and cooling system
  • Improve air quality in your entire home
  • Produce zero ozone

While we can’t always control the amount or type of germs we’re exposed to, we do have control over the germs we encounter at home, so why not learn more about how germicidal light options in Burbank can improve your indoor air quality. If you have any questions about the options we offer, just give us a call at 818-436-0006 or arrange an appointment through our online scheduler and we’ll help you make your home’s air the healthiest it has ever been.

Healthy Climate® UV Germicidal Lights

Germicidal LightsWhenever we think about vehicles we talk about fuel efficiency, so why not talk about efficiency when we talk about our heating and cooling systems? It saves money just the same. And when you consider that your current HVAC system is potentially full of dirty buildup, its efficiency is unquestionably reduced. We’re here to combat that using Healthy Climate® UV Germicidal Lights. Mounted in your system’s duct work, they eliminate germs and filthy buildup that cause lower efficiency in HVAC systems while also lowering your air quality. Simply put, it may help save you money and provide you with healthier air, both of which are amazing things last time we checked.

The features of Healthy Climate® UV Germicidal Lights include:

  • Powerful ultraviolet energy that helps reduce biological contaminants such as mold and bacteria
  • Improves air quality while also preserving your HVAC equipment and sterilizing your home’s surfaces
  • Dual-lamp or single-lamp option
  • Available in 2,000 microwatts (UV-2000) or 1,496 microwatts (UV-1000)
  • UL listed so your lights are safe to use
  • No ozone emissions
  • 5-Year Limited Warranty on covered components

Healthy Climate® UVC Germicidal Lights

UVC Germicidal LightsRegulating the amount of germs in your home just got considerably simpler with Healthy Climate® UVC Germicidal Lights from Air Max HVAC Inc. in Thousand Oaks. Not only do these lights easily install into your current HVAC systems duct work, they also are able to affect the makeup of countless pollutants so that they no longer grow or multiply. The germicidal lights also work independently from your heating and cooling system, so the features continue even when your system isn’t running. Not only that, maintenance on these incredible devices is simple, and you can expect a long lifetime of advanced UV light performance for you indoor air. Breathe a little easier, and healthier, with the numerous benefits of using germicidal lights in your Thousand Oaks home.

Benefits include:

  • Powerful ultraviolet energy to help reduce contaminants like pet dander, bacteria and mold
  • Improves air quality, defuses harmful contaminants in your heating and cooling system
  • Offers installation flexibility so you can have simple maintenance alongside other added safety features
  • Reduce your family’s exposure to potentially damaging airborne pollutants
  • UL listed, ensuring that your germicidal light is safe to use
  • No ozone emissions
  • 5-Year Limited Warranty on covered components