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    Need a New Air Conditioning Unit in Burbank?

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    Choosing a new air conditioner for you and your home is a significant decision – you need to consider your budget, your home cooling needs, and understand the steps of air conditioning installation. But at Air Max HVAC Inc, we realize that investing in a new air conditioner becomes a lot easier if you don’t have to stew about that last consideration at all. Our trained experts are here to certify that you not only know all the benefits of your new system but can also rest assured that the air conditioner will be installed correctly and effectively. We want you and your family to be comfortable. So that’s exactly what we set out to accomplish with each AC installation and replacement that we perform in Burbank the surrounding areas.

    About our AC installation team:

    The #1 AC Installation Team in Burbank

    Air Max HVAC has installed countless air conditioning units in Burbank in our decades of service, which has gained us valuable experience in knowing exactly what to do for best results. From sizing your new system to helping you understand options that will work for your budget, home size, and cooling preferences, we do it all! We’re always excited to help you through the process of improving your comfort, and our expert installation team will prove to you why we’ve been trusted time and time again for home AC replacements.

    New Technology; Improved Air Conditioning Units

    For 20 years we’ve been installing air conditioners in Burbank. As a result, the technology has changed quite a bit! For instance, the SEER ratings of air conditioners manufactured nowadays are higher than they used to be. SEER ratings are an easy way to identify how efficient an AC system will be. It’s also a great way to know how inexpensive running the system will be. While an air conditioner made 20 years ago might have a SEER rating of 14, a modern air conditioning unit may be rated at 18 SEER or higher!

    Another thing to consider is the noise level of your air conditioner. You might be used to the loud humming and whirring of your AC, but many newer systems run incredibly quiet. Other features and upgrades like Wi-Fi thermostats, whole-home air purifiers, and even two-stage systems are all things we can discuss when helping you choose your new air conditioner.

    What are the benefits of a new air conditioning unit?
    • Quieter operation
    • Higher energy efficiency
    • New system warranty
    • Improved comfort
    • Lower operating costs
    • More reliable cooling
    • Greater indoor air quality
    We are a Lennox Premier Dealer!

    Lennox has long been at the forefront of the home service industry, leading the way in manufacturing products with the efficiency, durability, and performance that we feel is a perfect match for our valued customers. Our status as a Lennox Premier Dealer means that we adhere to the high standards of quality, expertise, and customer service that the Lennox brand expects from its dealers. It also gives us exclusive access to a wide range of incredible air conditioners that we can offer to you. With Lennox and Air Max HVAC, we can truly elevate the cooling experience you enjoy in your Burbank home.

    Is an AC Installation Right for My Burbank Home?

    It’s not always easy to know if a new air conditioner is the right choice! While some service companies may recommend expensive repairs or replacements without much thought, we take a much closer look. Our technicians will take a close look at your current system, and give you expert insight into whether continuing to repair the system is worth the cost. Oftentimes, putting money into expensive repairs on an older system would be better put towards a new system. In other cases, the repair can be justified if your AC still has some legs left and is doing a good enough job of cooling your home. Trust our team to never use those pushy sales pitches you’re used to, and just give you straight, honest advice without pressuring you one way or another.

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    One of our technicians will stop by your home prior to installation day to ensure that the system you chose is the right size and will fit in the area that you want it in. They’ll make sure the area is clear and accessible for an efficient installation.


    The installer inspects to ensure that the system is creating cold air, that there aren’t any duct leaks, and that the airflow is stable. Any modifications needed will be made to ensure your absolute comfort.


    Added: Our pros place the air conditioner accurately, stabilize it and guarantee it has the right amount of clearance. Installing the piping and wiring will get the unit prepared to be tested.


    If you have any questions during the installation, our professionals are more than happy to walk you through their process and describe the stages they are taking. They will also offer you with tips and tricks to make sure you comprehend all that your new system can offer you and how to preserve it.