What Are the Different Types of Heating Systems for Southern California Residents?

Southern California is known for its mild winters and lasting sunshine. This doesn’t mean that nights and even daytime temperatures always contain warmth. When it comes to heating systems, Southern California has several reliable options.

Different heating systems for Southern California residents

1. Natural Gas Offers Energy Efficiency

A natural gas furnace is a popular method for home heating. Installing a condensing gas furnace (versus a constant pilot light) lets your heater automatically adjust furnace and air blower output. Desired thermostat levels are met by its microprocessor, saving both electricity and natural gas consumption.

2. Heat Pumps Benefit Both Heating and Cooling Systems

Heat pumps are dual purpose. More energy efficient than natural gas, heat pumps are typically recommended for climates without drastic highs and lows. A heat pump functions by drawing warm air from the outdoor environment, even when the air temperatures are cool. It then transfers this air indoors, heating it with the use of a heat transfer fluid, water tank and the use of compressor coils.

With a flick of a switch, your heat pump performs in exactly the opposite manner. The pump now removes hot air from inside your house and transfers it back outdoors. This leaves indoor temperatures cooler without the need for a separate air conditioning setup.

3. Hydronic Heating Systems Heat Air and Water

A Combined Hydronic System allows you to heat your home and provides hot water for the kitchen and bathrooms. It does so without a furnace, by producing an exchange of heat within a system of ducts that connect to air blowers.

This system of heating is best for small houses and is often paired with tankless or standard hot water storage units. A Combined Hydronic System has few moving parts. It operates quietly and can be placed outside of the home to limit combustion fumes.

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