Reasons Why Your AC Won’t Turn Off

Ideally, your air conditioner will only run when there is a need to reduce the air temperature and moisture content in a given space. However, there are times where it may continue to operate even when a room is already cool and dry. What are some steps to take when your air conditioning unit won’t turn off?

Check for Excess Dirt or Debris

When the air condenser coil is dirty or clogged, it can be forced to work harder to keep the room at your preferred temperature. Therefore, it may not be able to shut itself off for tangible periods of time or at all. At Air Max HVAC in Burbank, we can perform air conditioner maintenance such as cleaning or replacing a dirty or worn-out coil. We can also install or replace a unit that’s old or inefficient.

Check the Temperature Setting

The air conditioner will not stop running until it has cooled the air to your preferred temperature. If that setting is too low, then the air conditioner may not be able to stop running in order to keep the room at your target temperature. It’s worth noting that your unit may have to work harder on especially hot and humid days to cool your house. Therefore, it may have to run around the clock to do its job.

There Could Be a Refrigerant Leak

Ice on the condenser coil could also be a sign that there’s a leak that could result in the unit working harder than it needs to. If you notice fluid flowing away from the condenser or pooling nearby, then it could be a sign of a refrigerant leak because as the ice on the coil melts, it can puddle next to your unit. The leak could also be caused by a bad coil or a defective part responsible for feeding coolant to the condenser.

If your air conditioner isn’t working properly, then give Air Max HVAC in Burbank a call today. We can provide help with heating and indoor air quality issues too. Our team can also perform home energy audits to make your house as efficient as possible.

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