5 Signs That Your AC Is on the Decline

July 12, 2020

When you turn on the cooling system in your home, you expect it to do its job. An air conditioner, however, is going to show its age eventually. A well-working AC is a must in a city like Burbank, CA. While the summer weather average is in the high 80s, it can easily feel hotter since the city is situated in a valley. At , we know how important it is to keep the cooling system operating as close to 100% as possible. Here are five signs that your AC is deteriorating. 1. Hot Air Is Produced Instead of Cold A cooling unit is supposed to produce cold air. If it ever generates warm or hot air, this is a sign that something is wrong. An AC unit might produce hot air or no cold air because the compressor is no longer working properly. The refrigerant level could also be low. Regular maintenance ensures that the unit is free of debris, especially the air filter. A professional looks for leaks in and outside of the unit. He or she also looks for corrosion in the coil and on other parts. If you have been keeping up with regular maintenance and...

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