How to Clean Your AC Filters in 5 Easy Steps

September 15, 2021

The filters in your HVAC system remove dirt, pollen, pet dander, and other small particles from the air as it is circulated throughout your home. The filters are designed with fibers that catch and trap these particles. Over time, the filters get full of particles and are less effective. You may notice more dust in your home, or you may suffer from symptoms similar to allergies. These are some of the signs that your AC filters need to be checked. How Do You Know When Your Filters Need to Be Cleaned? In addition to dust accumulation and physical symptoms, there are some other signs that it’s time to clean your AC filters. Less air flowing out of the vents Higher utility bills Costly repairs Unusual sounds from the AC unit indicating that it is worker harder than normal Uneven temperatures in your home Unit runs more often to maintain the same temperature setting Mold colonies in your bathroom, on window sills and walls, and on fabrics, rugs and carpeting What Types of AC Filters Can You Clean? There are two general types of AC filters that the professionals at service for homes in Burbank and surrounding areas of California: permanent...

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