Why Use a Home Humidifier?

Air Quality A home humidifier is great at all times of the year but even more so during winter. During summer, the air is drier than usual and the need for indoor cooling only makes matters worse. Breathing dry air could lead to allergic symptoms, asthma, colds, and sore throats.

Benefits of a Home Humidifier

To Promote Health
The most important reason for using a home humidifier is that it may help prevent colds, flu, allergies, and other health conditions that could be caused by dry air. A humidity level of 40% or higher is required to keep a room safe for breathing. People that suffer from allergies or asthma recover faster when they breathe sufficiently humidified air. Humidity also protects the skin from drying up. Dry skin can lead to cracking and wrinkling easily. If there is not enough humidity in a room it may cause the scalp to dry up. A dry scalp can be itchy and it produces dandruff.

To Keep Pets Healthy
Keeping a room properly humidified purifies the air. The air is safer for pets to breathe. It also reduces the occurrence of allergies. Most indoor pets are likely to suffer from various allergies if they breathe in dry air.

To Protect Wooden Furniture
If the air is too dry, it may cause your wooden furniture to crack or split. Investing in a home humidifier helps protect your wooden furniture and furnishings.

To Reduce Static Energy
Low air humidity leads to an excessive buildup of static energy. The static electricity from textiles or your pets’ fur can be annoying. If it builds up, it can cause damage to your electronics. Investing in a home humidifier could help prevent that.

To Save On Heating Bills
When air is humidified, it feels warmer than dry air. That is because the presence of moisture in the air causes sweat to evaporate more slowly. That leaves people feeling warmer for longer. Since the room feels warm, you can lower your thermostat and conserve energy.

To Protect Your Plants
Plants cannot survive without moisture. They get some of it from the air. If the air is too dry, they may shrivel up.

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