4 Impressive Benefits of Air Filtration

Maintaining the comfort of your home doesn’t just mean keeping the temperature at the right level. Anyone who enters or lives in your home, including your pets, can be affected by issues with indoor air quality. In fact, the EPA contends that indoor air is two to three times more polluted than outdoor air. So, if you have yet to explore your options with indoor air improvements, here are four impressive benefits of air filtration to consider.

1. Healthier and Cleaner Air

An air filtration system can result in healthier and cleaner indoor environments for homeowners in Burbank, Thousand Oaks, and Beverly Hills. Air cleaners and purifiers with germicidal capabilities, in particular, can remove many of the pathogens that contribute to the common cold, certain forms of the flu, and various respiratory ailments.

2. Better Seasonal Allergy Control

If you or someone in your household is affected by seasonal allergies, you may not be any better indoors than you are outdoors if you’re not breathing properly filtered air. An air cleaner or purifier can minimize or eliminate many common allergens or allergy triggers.

3. Fewer Lingering Odors

From strong cooking odors to pet smells and anything that can fall in between, lingering odors can make your indoor spaces much less pleasing. What air filtration can do, in all of its various forms, is make your home smell fresher by trapping airborne particles from sources like tobacco smoke before they have a chance to get into your carpet fibers and upholstery.

4. Longer HVAC Filter Life

If you opt for a separate air filtration device or system, your existing HVAC filter won’t have to work as hard to reduce indoor air impurities. This also means that your heating and cooling system won’t have to work as hard, which could result in fewer unexpected repairs–and that could translate into some much-appreciated savings.

Our trained technicians are prepared to offer multiple options when it comes to ways you can improve your indoor air quality. In addition to high-quality air cleaners and replacement filters, you may also benefit from our HVAC repair, installation, and maintenance services. Contact us at Air Max HVAC today to learn more about our home comfort and air filtration solutions.

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