5 Ways to Save Energy this Fall

Whether you own a packaged unit or a heat pump, it will start to get a workout in the autumn. Below are five ways to mitigate the rise in energy bills that you’ll see during the fall season.

1. Replacing Air Filters

Any ducted unit will have trouble heating if the ducts and filters are dirty. This means higher bills for increasingly mediocre performance. Pleated air filters, which are the highest in quality, should be replaced every three to six months.

At Air Max HVAC, we can handle this and other minor heating repairs throughout Burbank, CA. You could even request regular maintenance.

2. Schedule Heating System Maintenance

With a tune-up every autumn, you won’t have to worry about your system breaking down in the middle of winter. Tune-ups also help you save energy by eliminating any issues that were compromising the unit’s performance.

3. Checking for Adequate Insulation

Your attic and walls may be lacking in the way of insulation, which means it will do little to slow down heat loss. Once you know the type, thickness, and R-value of your insulation, you can choose between adding more layers or upgrading to something with a higher R-value.

4. Preventing Drafts

Drafts from windows, doors, and other openings to the outside can spoil your heating system’s hard work. It’s essential to seal these gaps and cracks with caulking or foam sealant. Foam tape is also available.

5. Programming the Thermostat

One should get in the habit of programming the thermostat. If you’ll be gone from your home for a longer period of time, set the temperature to several degrees below where it normally is; this is more energy-efficient than turning the thermostat off and heating a freezing home upon one’s return.

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