Affordable AC Repair in Calabasas

    Responsive 24-Hour Calabasas AC Repair

    Imagine coming home from work and realizing that your air conditioner died out on you. If you need emergency air conditioning repair you are in the right place. This is a scenario millions of people will go through in any given year. Although it may be a stressful situation, Air Max HVAC can be there for you every step of the way. We’ve been in business for over 15 years, and our company has over 80 years of combined experience in the industry. In addition, our products are the best in the area. We are proud to be a Premier Lennox Dealer, meaning our products are of the highest level of craftsmanship and dependability.

    AC Repair in Calabasas

    Below you’ll find reasons why we’re is the number one choice for your AC repair needs:

        • Fast service
        • Affordable prices
        • Exceptional Lennox products
        • Financing available with approved credit
        • High-level of customer service
        • And more!


      If you’re looking for the type of air conditioning repair you can depend on, then we’re company for you. With dependable products and the best customer service in the industry, there’s no reason not to call Air Max HVAC today!

      We’re the AC Repair Experts in Calabasas!

      Airmax HVAC AC Repair in CalabasasEvery day, millions of people are forced to deal with AC repair issues. And if you live here in Southern CA, you know the temperatures can get extremely uncomfortable. That’s why you need to work with a company that prioritizes fast response times and efficient service. Look no further! We understand just how frustrating and time-consuming an air conditioning repair can be. That’s why we’re always focused on making the process as simple as possible. When you call us for service, you can rest easy knowing that the situation is in good hands. Our AC service is the best in Calabasas!

      See below for the benefits of working with us:

      • Service completed quickly
      • Knowledgeable technicians
      • We use top-notch products
      • High-level of customer service
      • Peace of mind
      • Prevents future problems
      • And more!

      Should I Call For AC Repair?

      Are you unsure if you need air conditioning repair for your Calabasas home? While it may be tempting to hold off, especially when your AC still seems to be working, our team recommends that you call for service at the first signs that something is amiss. Continuing to operate your air conditioner with a malfunction isn’t just more expensive, it can also lead to a much worse problem down the line. That means higher energy costs as well as an increased likelihood of a higher cost to repair in the future. By requesting the help of our expert technicians, you can get an answer right away. That strange clanking noise could be something minor, and poor air flow might just be an air filter that needs to be cleaned or replaced. Even if the problem is a bit more expensive to resolve, it’s still much cheaper than an emergency call or a full system replacement. Plus, you won’t be sitting worrying whether or not your AC is about to completely stop working.

      Common AC repair warning signs to watch out for:
      • High indoor humidity
      • Unusual noises
      • Sudden spike in energy usage
      • Lower than normal airflow from vents
      • Lukewarm air
      • Leaking water around unit
      • Condensation around AC
      • Thermostat won’t adjust temperature


      If you do notice something unusual when running your air conditioner, give us a call! We’ll get to your home right away to help determine the cause of the problem, and to provide you with your options to consider. You can depend on your technician to be friendly, respectful, and courteous in your home. We’ll honestly answer all of your questions and truly work with your best interests in mind. That means only recommending service that is truly right for you and your home.

      24-Hour Air Conditioning Repair Availability

      Whether it’s the middle of a sweltering summer day or a hot and humid night, we’re here to help. If your air conditioner isn’t keeping you cool and you want it fixed fast, our Air Max HVAC is the right choice. We maintain 24/7 emergency availability to serve you no matter when you need an AC repair. You can rely on our team to quickly dispatch a highly skilled and certified technician to your home to resolve whatever problem you’re facing in trying to cool your home. Whether it’s a coolant leak or no cold air coming out of the vents, we’ll act fast to find the cause of the issue and get it resolved. We use advanced diagnostic equipment and carry manufacturer-approved replacement parts with us to every job, giving us a high probability to complete the repair in a single visit. Rest assured that we’ll do everything in our power to provide you with a fast and lasting repair to any make or model of air conditioner.

      Call Now for AC Repair in Calabasas!

      With decades of experience and the best certified technicians in the area, Air Max HVAC is the AC repair crew of choice in Calabasas. We’re well-versed with both central and ductless systems of all makes and models and have encountered a wide range of repair issues. Chances are, we’ve fixed your exact problem hundreds of times before. Not only does this ensure we know what we’re doing, it means that our technicians will have no problems figuring out the problem and knowing just what to do. In addition to our expertise, we also focus strongly on customer satisfaction. We’ll do whatever it takes to provide you with world-class service every time we’re in your home.

      If you’re looking for 24-hour air conditioning service in Calabasas or the surrounding areas, look no further than Air Max HVAC. Contact us now for all of your repair needs!

      With our 80 years of combined experience and fast services, we’re the number one company for all of your AC repair needs, and can help with AC installation and maintenance as well as heating repair needs as well. Call us today for more information!