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    Your air conditioner is an integral part of the comfort you experience in your home. Without it, the summer heat would surely make your home unbearable! We all know this, of course, but when you need service for your AC—who can you trust? There are plenty of companies in the area that are clamoring for your attention, but we believe we truly stand above the rest. At Air Max HVAC, our AC company has serving in Beverly Hills, CA, since 2001, and there’s no AC problem we can’t solve. From AC repair, installation, or maintenance, we have the services, products, and team you can rely on in Beverly Hills.

    With our 80 years of combined experience, you can rest easy knowing that your air conditioner is in good hands with our dependable staff of AC technicians, installers, and comfort support team. Furthermore, our level of customer service is the best in the area. We treat every one of our customers like family and friendly. Exceptional service is how we run our business!

    Here are some reasons why we stand separated from the competition:

    • Top-notch services
    • Exceptional products
    • Affordable prices
    • High-level of customer service
    • 80 years of combined experience
    • In business for over 15 years
    • Convenient scheduling

    If you want dependable service and friendly team members, then Air Max HVAC is the AC company you can rely on. Call us today for unmatched cooling solutions!

    Your Favorite Beverly Hills AC Technicians for Repair

    If you’re used to poor customer service and inexperienced technicians, needing to call for AC repair might cause some headaches. But with Air Max HVAC by your side, you can say goodbye to the stress with our fast and effective services. Our team is always responsive and focused on your comfort! When you call us for service, we can show up at your door within minutes and quickly diagnose the issue. From there, we will assess the situation and repair your AC unit in a fast manner.

    There are plenty of signs that your air conditioner likely needs service!

    • No cold air coming out of your vents
    • Thermostat isn’t working
    • Leaks or ice formation on/around air conditioner
    • Grinding, squealing, or clunking noises
    • Humidity issues
    • Poor airflow
    • AC won’t start

    You’re almost certainly worried about the extent of the problem. Is that loud noise my AC is making serious? Does no airflow coming out of a vent mean I need a new air conditioner? Don’t sweat; give us a call! We’ll show up right away to diagnose whatever unusual symptom your AC is throwing at you. With over two decades of service, our team has seen it all. Chances are, our AC technician will know what’s going on just by talking with you and performing an initial look at your AC. We’ll be sure we properly diagnose the problem, of course, using the most advanced diagnostic tools and procedures. Then we’ll relay our findings to you and make sure you understand the situation and any options you have for moving forward. Should you decide to allow our technicians to perform any needed work, rest assured that we’ll complete the repair using only high quality replacement parts and materials.

    Experienced AC Installation and Replacement

    While we are almost always able to service a failing air conditioner, in some cases it just doesn’t make sense. Especially for older models, continuing to make repairs and scheduling maintenance can only go so far. If your current system has been in use for well over a decade and isn’t performing up to par, let us know! We can show you all of the latest upgrades, features, and enhancements that new air conditioners can afford.
    Air Conditioning Contractors in Beverly Hills

    There are many benefits of an AC replacement — some of which include:

    • Better peace of mind
    • A more comfortable home
    • Energy savings
    • A more efficient home
    • Less stress from dealing with repairs
    • And more!

    From higher SEER ratings to afford better efficiency and lower cooling costs to smart home thermostat and IAQ upgrades, we can customize your AC installation to meet all of your needs and desires. Our team keeps in stock a wide selection of heat pumps, ductless mini-splits, and central air conditioners in a variety of sizes, performance ratings, and prices. No matter what you’re looking for, our Beverly Hills AC company has the perfect AC system for you and your unique home! Best of all, our experienced installation crew will make sure the process is fast, efficient, and hassle-free for you.

    Valuable Preventative AC Maintenance

    Although most people don’t think about it often, AC maintenance and tune-ups are essential. Not only do they provide a more comfortable home, but they also allow you to save money on your energy bills. AC maintenance is recommended at least once a year, and the benefits are exceptional. For starters, your AC technician will clear out the grime, dust, and debris that will normally collect inside your air conditioner over the year. While your filter will do a pretty good job, some dust will still naturally settle inside; especially during the winters when you aren’t in need of cold air. This dust can really cause some major efficiency issues, and even result in costly repairs. We’ll also inspect various parts and components for any signs of wear and tear that should probably be addressed. We won’t pressure you into any extra service, of course, but at least let you know if there’s something we recommend considering and why! Once we’re all finished, we’ll stick around to answer any questions you might have about your air conditioner or our service.

    Our AC Technicians Are Here For You!

    From the day we opened our doors to right at this moment, we’ve always been dedicated to helping our customers enjoy greater comfort inside their homes. We always strive for your complete satisfaction, working hard to provide you with service that well worth the cost. You can expect every member of our team to show you the utmost respect whether speaking with you online, on the phone, or face-to-face in your home. We stand behind every product we install, every service we perform, and any recommendations we make. Trust our team to get it right the first time, and quickly become your #1 choice when it comes to all things cooling!

    With Air Max HVAC by your side, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your AC is in good hands. From AC repair to maintenance, installations and more, Air Max HVAC is here for all of your cooling needs in Beverly Hills.

    We’re even more than just the top AC company in Beverly Hills. We also provide a full range of quality heating and indoor air quality services!

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