Areas in the Home that Need More Ventilation

Proper ventilation in a home makes it possible to avoid the growth and spread of mold or mildew. It can also prevent certain rooms or floors of a house from getting too hot or humid. Generally speaking, keeping excess moisture out of a home can prevent damage to walls or other components.

Kitchens and Bathrooms Tend to Be Warm and Moist

Extra ventilation can come in handy in bathrooms and kitchens because these are confined spaces where hot water is used on a regular basis. Without ceiling fans or other ways to circulate air, you could run the risk of mold growth or other problems. The professionals from Air Max HVAC in Burbank can perform an air quality analysis and take other steps to help with ventilation issues in your home. If necessary, we can install dehumidifiers and heat recovery ventilators.

Attics Should Have Extra Ventilation

It is not uncommon for air to enter a home through the attic and circulate through the rest of the house. If the air in the attic is too warm or too humid, it can create uncomfortable conditions throughout the rest of the structure. Excess heat and humidity may also cause damage to any items that are stored in that space. This problem can be corrected with professional assistance.

The Basement Can Be an Ideal Environment for Moisture

Basements can be among the wettest environments in a home because water likes to take the path of least resistance. Therefore, it will often go where gravity takes it, and in many cases, it will meander into the basement. It is important that you allow for good air circulation as it will help dry out the space and keep moisture to a minimum.

If your home has air quality or ventilation issues, don’t hesitate to call Air Max HVAC in Burbank today. In addition to air quality services, we can also help with any furnace, air conditioner or other HVAC component needs your home may have.

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