Choose From These 5 Best Smart Thermostats for Your Home

Smart thermostats in Burbank, CA

When shopping around for a smart thermostat, how do you know which one is right for you? A smart thermostat is an essential energy-saving HVAC component of a modern HVAC system. The best device is highly affordable, reliable, and provides high-quality performance. We have reviewed five of the best smart thermostats on the market you should consider for your home. Let’s begin!

What Is a Smart Thermostat?

A smart thermostat can be adjusted with remote devices, including cell phones, tablets, smart speakers, and other internet-connected devices. This technologically advanced innovation allows you to easily schedule your desired home temperature. It can also be integrated into your home automation system for the most convenient use.

In addition to their highly functional features, smart thermostats have also been designed with sleek and modern looks that blend into your home’s decor. They are much more attractive than the boxy and chunky older thermostats. Finally, a great device must also be competitively priced.

5 Best Smart Thermostats

To help you choose amongst the best smart thermostats on the market, we have reviewed highly affordable models with the most features. We also chose models that are easy to set up and are compatible with most smart systems, including Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant, and others. Finally, we chose models that have sleek designs and that provide energy usage information.

1. Honeywell Home T9 Smart Thermostat

Resideo, which is a Honeywell spinoff company, has gained a competitive position in the market by making traditional thermostats and home security technology. The brand’s latest unit is the Honeywell Home T9 Smart Thermostat. The unit features remote sensors that create the most comfortable climate inside your home.

You may also choose the higher model, which is the T10 Pro Smart. This is more appropriate for complex systems and can only be purchased through a professional HVAC company. Both the T9 and T10 have the same interface, which is very simple to use.

Besides the sensors, the Home T9 is well known for its competitive pricing. It is also very easy to set up, which is another reason why it is one of the most desired thermostats on the market today.

2. Amazon Smart Thermostat

A very popular unit is the Amazon Smart Thermostat, which also turns out to be the least expensive model. It must be connected to the Alexa app and has Alexa’s voice commands capabilities. To use this unit, you need to own an Alexa-enabled smart display or speaker. However, you won’t need to enable an Alexa skill because it is an Amazon-branded device.

Why is this thermostat so popular? The Amazon Smart Thermostat has been increasingly popular because of its Energy Star certification. On average, the brand claims that customers can save approximately $50 per year on their utility costs. Another popular feature is its modern and simplified design that includes the option to install a wall plate. It is a favored feature if you desire to hide old holes or paint on your wall.

The device features a simple interface with a touchscreen that is easy to adjust to various settings. It does not have an accessory for remote temperature sensor control. To install this device, you will need a C-wire adapter. Overall, the Amazon Smart Thermostat is a good choice that provides great value and outstanding features.

3. Nest Learning Thermostat (Third Generation)

Although this unit is not the most price competitive, it offers excellent auto-scheduling features that make it highly popular. Different from its previous generations, this third-generation model offers a more sleek design. It also includes a more expansive LCD, geofencing technology, and Bluetooth compatibility.

This model does not have remote room sensors, but it is compatible with various third-party devices. It is also functional with Alexa’s voice service and Google Home. One of its most desired features is its stainless steel design which matches very well with many styles of decor.

The device memorizes your climate control habits, and it automatically adjusts the settings to regulate the temperature of your home. It learns your schedule and alerts you when you set a temperature that is the most energy efficient. With the assistance of the Nest App, you can control this thermostat anywhere you are.

The Nest Learning Thermostat (3rd Generation) also has the ability to alert you when there are HVAC issues. It will send you alerts when it is time to replace your filter or something unusual occurs.

4. Ecobee Smart Thermostat Premium

For a complete home monitoring hub, the Ecobee Smart Thermostat Premium is an excellent choice. This model transforms thermostat capabilities to include highly advanced energy savings features. It also helps you manage your home comfort, health, and security settings.

Create a better indoor environment with this device’s air quality alerts and monitoring abilities. You will be able to manage its settings using voice commands on Siri or Alexa. Additionally, you can safeguard your home from intruders with its Ecobee Smart Security features and advanced occupancy sensing.

The modern device also allows you to manage uneven temperatures in your home with its SmartSensor technology. No more uncomfortable cold or hot spots in any room. In addition, this thermostat allows you to create the healthiest environment inside your home. It monitors your HVAC filter, sends alerts, and allows you to set reminders so that you can achieve the best quality air inside your home.

5. Wyze Thermostat

The last device on our best-five list is the Wyze Thermostat. It has made this list because of its many features. With its easy-to-use interface, you can adjust your settings using voice commands with Google Assistant and Alexa.

You will be able to set daily schedules to create optimal indoor temperatures while you’re awake, asleep, or away from home. You can adjust settings from the convenience of your palm from the Wyze App. The easy install tutorial guides you with simple steps so that you can start using the device.

A great feature that makes this smart thermostat so desirable is its Wyze Room Sensor technology. It allows you to eliminate hot and cold spots in any room of your home. You can also enable its Motion-Sensing Comfort Mode, which detects users in certain rooms and adjusts the device to save energy while staying comfortable without having to think about the settings.

The app also allows you to monitor the temperature of your home and adjust the climate accordingly from anywhere you are. You will be able to pair up to six Wyze Room Sensors throughout your property. You can monitor your entire house from an attractive wall mount or magnetic table stand.

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