ductless unit indoorsDiscover unmatched indoor comfort, courtesy of Air Max HVAC‘s ductless AC services in Beverly Hills, CA.

We go the extra mile to ensure that you get an optimal indoor climate from your air conditioner. You can rely on Air Max HVAC to install, maintain, and repair your ductless air conditioner in Beverly Hills.

Understanding the Ductless Air Conditioner

You are likely familiar with the common central AC in many homes, but the ductless air conditioning system is becoming increasingly popular for good reason.

Also commonly referred to as a ductless mini-split, this AC does not require extensive ductwork to install. The fact that it doesn’t require ducts makes it a reasonable alternative if you want to enhance the liveability of your space.

Without ducts, these systems only need two major components: an outdoor condenser and an indoor air handling unit. These components are connected via refrigerant lines and electric cables that pass through your wall or window to deliver quality indoor air.

You can support the outdoor unit using a wall mount or station it on flat ground near the indoor unit.

Here are some other notable features of ductless ACs:
  • Controllable via a smart device app
  • Quieter than central AC units
  • Measurable efficiency with SEER ratings
  • You can have multiple units in your home

ductless unit outdoorsThe ability to connect multiple air handlers to a single condenser unit means that your ductless system can be used to cool one room or your entire home.

With multiple air handlers set up throughout your house, you can control each ductless unit separately to provide different temperatures for every room.

Additionally, you can preset room temperature preferences to turn on and off as you deem fit and alter the swinging angle for maximum impact.

Such flexible control and zoning options allow for use on an as-needed basis, which translates to energy savings and lower cooling bills. Additionally, a ductless AC rarely develops major mechanical problems, and with regular maintenance and proper care, it can last well over 15 years.

Beverly Hills Ductless AC Experts

Air Max HVAC boasts BBB membership and is a recognized and certified dealership with Lennox. We’ve served Beverly Hills and the surrounding area since 2001 and boast a staff of fully trained technicians dedicated to providing expert ductless system services.

Our team provides repair, installation, and maintenance for ductless mini-split systems, so you can turn to us for all your cooling needs.

Regain control of your indoor temperature and schedule ductless AC service in Beverly Hills from Air Max HVAC today. We also offer furnace repair, heat pumps, indoor air quality and more.