Furnace Maintenance in Mission Hills, CA

    furnace-with-front-panel-off-repair-maintenanceAir Max HVAC provides reliable furnace maintenance in Mission Hills, CA. Regular heating maintenance reduces the risk of breakdowns or malfunctions, improves energy efficiency, and extends the system’s longevity.

    Why You Need Heating Maintenance

    If your property relies on a furnace heating system, you need regular furnace maintenance. Furnaces differ in capacity, performance, and cost. Gas furnaces are the most popular and rely on natural gas or propane for fuel. Electric furnaces typically work best where gas furnaces are not suitable. Oil furnaces burn oil and require storage tanks for the oil, similar to propane furnaces. Geothermal options rely on the earth’s heat as a source of heating.

    It doesn’t matter which type of furnace you have, as all furnaces need yearly maintenance. The intensity of wear and tear may vary based on the model or brand, but that doesn’t influence the maintenance cycle. Schedule heating maintenance before the onset of the cold season in Mission Hills to enable optimal performance the entire season.

    Adequate and timely furnace tune-ups provide these benefits:
    • Better air quality
    • Extended life span
    • Minimal repairs
    • Warranty compliance
    Lack of proper and timely furnace maintenance can result in multiple problems other than the ones mentioned above. Without maintenance, you reduce the lifespan of your heater. Dirty filters and clogged vents thwart efficiency because of reduced airflow. This causes extra strain on the heating system, causing the parts to wear out sooner. When belts and bearings loosen up, they can spin out of control and cause other damage if not checked and tightened.

    Luckily, these are problems that our professional technicians can handle with a simple furnace tune-up. Other than fixing the furnace issues, our technicians can calibrate the thermostat and test it for consistency. For gas furnaces, cleaning the burners is also vital for optimal combustion.


    Furnace Maintenance in Mission Hills

    If you need clarification on your heater maintenance needs, contact us. Our company is knowledgeable about all makes and models of furnaces. We share this knowledge with the local community colleges by teaching future technicians about the trade. Our relationship with the community has only been getting better for the past 15 years.

    For you, expect nothing but the best maintenance service from Air Max HVAC. Our affordable service plans offer many benefits, such as discounted labor and parts. Expect friendly service from our NATE-certified and licensed technicians, who will also advise you on the current trends affecting your type of furnace. Safety, reliability, and efficiency are our languages. Every maintenance visit we make protects your investment, including the system’s warranty.

    If you are ready for furnace maintenance in Mission Hills, call Air Max HVAC. We also offer AC services, furnace install, heat pumps, indoor air quality and more.