Heat Pumps in Agoura Hills, CA.

    Heat pumps in Agoura Hills, CA, are the perfect addition for those who want an HVAC system that benefits their bank account and the environment. The convenient and modern heating and cooling system offers exceptional reliability but requires regular maintenance and occasional repairs.

    Over time, even an efficient system may break down. When this happens, it’s important to schedule heat pump repair services as soon as possible.

    Heat Pump Repair in Agoura Hills

    Heat pump issues that prevent the AC system from operating effectively typically include issues with the refrigerant, fan, or condenser. Refrigerant leaks prevent the system from cooling interior air temperatures adequately.

    A small leak may allow some cool air to enter the home, but not as much as you may prefer. Inadequate cooling may also signal a problem with the condenser or the capacitor, a part within the condenser. A broken or disabled fan motor will reduce air flow, so the cool air from the pump cannot circulate through the home.

    Refrigerant leaks may also affect the ability of heat pumps to bring in warm air. Electrical component failures or a damaged reversing valve can also prevent the system from heating the home. System errors in a smart thermostat can also stop the unit from engaging as often as you need it to.

    Air blockage around the exterior of the equipment can prevent proper airflow and affect operation. The blockage occurs when leaves, frost, and dirt collect around the machine. Clearing the blockage will often solve many operational concerns.

    Another common cause of heat pump issues is a clogged air filter. Replacement of an air filter and removing material clogging the pump are tasks many homeowners prefer to handle alone, but our technicians can also perform these steps.

    Signs that signal a potential need for heat pump repair services:
    • Temperature fluctuations
    • System runs continuously
    • Energy bill increases unexpectedly
    • Unusual smells from the system
    • System will not turn on
    • Noises coming from a system other than usual hum
    • Unit clicks repeatedly without turning on

    Quality Heat Pumps in Agoura Hills

    At Air Max HVAC, we have over 20 years of experience in the industry and carry an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Our crew can diagnose any problem with heat pumps and will have your system operating as quickly as possible.

    If you need to schedule heat pump repair services in your Agoura Hills home, contact us to schedule an inspection. We will provide a complete estimate before beginning any repair service.