HVAC Systems: An Introduction

Although the majority of the developed world makes use of HVAC systems, the deeper workings of these machines are broadly unknown to the public. HVAC is short for heating, ventilation and air conditioning, and almost every home makes use of one of the related systems.

Heating and Air Conditioning

Most heating systems are derived from the usage of a furnace. These days, they most often use combustion gases that feed into a heat exchanger. Meanwhile, the air that flows through your home naturally is directed over this heat exchanger before feeding into a system of ducts that distributes the warmed heat. This is known as “central heating” and supplies heat to millions of homes around the world.

Central air conditioning uses the same systems to save space in your walls. The heat exchanger will instead cool before the same flow of air is dispersed through the home’s duct system. Some air conditioning systems use supercooled gases to ensure that the air is briskly cold before it flows through your vents.

Problems with this part of your home’s utilities may result in a temperature that doesn’t stabilize or follow the direction of your thermostat. Working on these parts of your home may be difficult. That’s why you should consider involving an HVAC company for more complex malfunctions.


Your home’s vents might be placed on any number of surfaces — walls, floors, and ceilings are all common entryways for the air flowing through your home’s HVAC system. Although these vents are often stable for years, the buildup of particulates and natural wear and tear can lead to breaks in the ventilation system. These ventilation systems are relatively complex, and you should avoid working on them yourself unless you’ve had plenty of experience.

Although HVAC systems are used around the world, the average citizen doesn’t know as much as they should about these basic utilities. However, Air Max HVAC knows how to handle HVAC repairs, installations, and maintenance. We can also help you with indoor air quality. You can contact Air Max HVAC in Burbank, CA, today for any problems with your home’s HVAC systems.

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