Smart Thermostats in Agoura Hills, CA

    Installing a smart thermostat in your Agoura Hills, CA home is a quick and easy way to cut your carbon footprint and lower your energy bills. According to ENERGY STAR, these appliances can reduce HVAC-related energy use by as much as 8%.

    With a Wi-Fi thermostat, you can monitor and adjust your temperature settings from almost any location. These devices come with branded mobile apps for remote accessibility.

    They also offer a range of benefits and functions that programmable and standard thermostats do not. At Air Max HVAC, we supply and install high-quality smart thermostats to give our clients access to the latest and most innovative HVAC technologies.

    Agoura Hills Wi-Fi Thermostat Installation

    Smart thermostats are fast replacing standard and programmable options in many Agoura Hills homes. With professional installation, homeowners can easily and seamlessly integrate these devices into their smart home systems.

    Much like programmable thermostats, smart thermostats can store settings for multiple, pre-set temperature changes. However, given that these devices are learning, they also become increasingly adept at adjusting themselves over time.

    Our smart thermostats provide many helpful updates and alerts to keep homeowners informed.
    • HVAC performance alerts
    • General maintenance reminders
    • Filter change alerts
    • Indoor air quality (IAQ) alerts

    When installing one of these appliances, you can even choose a smart thermostat that offers detailed energy reporting. This is great for tracking HVAC-related energy use, identifying developing heater or AC problems, and making informed purchasing decisions when scheduling HVAC replacements.

    Smart thermostats additionally offer geo-fencing. Geo-fencing establishes virtual boundaries around homes and tracks residents’ movements from room to room and beyond.

    In a zoned HVAC system, geofencing with a Wi-Fi thermostat will redirect conditioned air away from the rooms you exit and towards the spaces you enter. In both zoned and standard central HVAC systems, geofencing can also adjust thermostat settings when residents leave unexpectedly.

    According to the United States Department of Energy (DOE), you can significantly lower your home heating and cooling costs by simply changing your thermostat’s setting when retiring at night or going to work or school.

    Even modest adjustments of just seven to 10 degrees can lead to savings of up to 10%. Smart thermostats can eliminate the potential for human error by tracking resident schedules and making these adjustments on their own.

    High-Quality Smart Thermostat Models

    We help our clients choose the perfect smart thermostat models for their budgets, needs, HVAC systems, and existing smart home features.

    Before hardwiring these appliances into residential electrical systems, we look for the best locations for consistently accurate temperature readings. We also take the time to show our clients how their new thermostats work and how to leverage all of their available capabilities and functions.

    We’ve been proudly serving Agoura Hills and the surrounding area since 2011. We’re staffed by a talented and friendly team of seasoned HVAC technicians, and we offer some of the most competitive pricing in our industry.

    With a commitment to providing superior workmanship and unmatched customer support, we’re a top choice for Wi-Fi thermostat installations and other HVAC improvements.

    If you’re ready to experience the efficiency and convenience of having a smart thermostat in your Agoura Hills home, contact Air Max HVAC today to request a quote or schedule an appointment.