Steps to Fix Uneven Cooling in Your Home

Uneven cooling can be caused by several factors, and it is especially common in homes with two or more levels. The following covers some simple ways you can try to get cool air distributed more evenly in your house. However, you may also need to have your AC unit inspected by a helpful professional from Air Max HVAC in Burbank, California.

Consider an AC Replacement

When your AC unit is older than 10 years, there is a strong chance that it cannot properly cool down your home. If you require a major part replacement in an older AC unit, it may be best to have the entire AC unit replaced.

Install a Zoning System

A zoning system works with multiple thermostats. In fact, these systems sometimes use one thermostat in each room. You will not have to close off air vents with a zoning system to keep cool air from collecting only in the basement level of your home.

Check for Window and Door Leaks

If there are any cracks or openings around your doors or windows, this could be where cool air is escaping from. These openings will also let warm air creep inside your home.

Turn on Ceiling Fans

Even though it may require some additional electricity, you should keep ceiling fans running in upstairs rooms throughout the day to keep the air circulated. You can also switch the AC system’s fan to the “on” setting instead of automatic so that your fans are blowing even when the AC system is not running.

Reduce Interior Heat

Be sure that your rooms with large windows that receive direct sunlight have shades pulled down throughout the day. You should also turn off appliances, such as computers, when you are not using them because they generate heat.

Reliable Service to Fix Uneven Cooling

If you want to be sure that your AC unit is cooling your home evenly throughout the summer, schedule your AC service appointment with the skilled team at Air Max HVAC. We offer a full range of cooling, heating and indoor air quality services. We can even provide you with a home energy audit, so give us a call today.

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