Symptoms of a Dirty Air Conditioner Coil

Keeping your HVAC system clean goes a long way toward maintaining optimal efficiency and performance. While you may be aware of how to clean and replace your air filter, there is still the evaporator coil to think about. The evaporator coil should not go overlooked.

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The following signs may indicate a dirty coil. If you observe any of these symptoms, have your evaporator coil cleaned promptly.

Your System No Longer Cools Your Home

One of the most immediate signs you are likely to notice if you have a dirty coil is difficulty cooling your home. When dirt, dust, and debris cover evaporator coils, the coils are unable to draw heat from the air that passes through the HVAC system. As a result, you may notice that when you run your system, air is circulating through your home without being adequately cooled.

Your System Is Working Harder

A dirty coil causes your HVAC system to work harder to move cool air into your home. You may notice that your air conditioner runs more frequently or for a longer period. If you feel like your HVAC system is working harder and less efficiently, contact a trustworthy HVAC technician and ask whether the issue may be caused by a dirty coil.

Your Energy Bill Is Higher

A sudden, unexplainable increase in your energy bill may indicate that your system is working less efficiently due to a dirty coil. Because a dirty evaporator coil causes your system to work harder, you may see an increase in your utility bill as your system consumes more energy to go about its daily task.

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