Can Air Conditioning Affect Your Sinuses?

July 18, 2018

Air conditioning helps make the summer heat and hot climates bearable year-round. Burbank air conditioning and Beverly Hills HVAC systems are key to managing exposure to hot temperatures in these areas. In some regions of the country, air conditioning is not optional when it comes to your comfort, quality of life, and in some cases, your sinuses. However, while air conditioning can bring relief from hot temperatures, some people are triggered by it. It can affect both the sinuses and the respiratory system. The symptoms of a reaction to air conditioning often include: Runny Nose Sinus Inflammation Congestion Eye Redness Constricted Breathing One of the causes of these symptoms is related to the effect of going from one environment to another where there is a significant temperature difference; for example, going from a warm house into cold winter temperatures. The same effect happens when coming from warm outdoor conditions into a cool air-conditioned room. When we experience a big contrast in temperature or humidity, nervous system reflexes are triggered in the nasal membranes. Persons with allergies may be more sensitive to abrupt temperature differences like these. However, in most people, this effect should cause only temporary congestion and related sinus...

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