How Often Should My Furnace be Replaced?

November 2, 2018

Having a warm home during the cold winter days in California is important for your safety and health. Without a working furnace, your home will become very uncomfortable. Knowing when to plan on replacing a furnace can help ease the burden of feeling unprepared. It isn’t an easy question to answer, but there are some things you can consider to help you get ready for the inevitable. Your Furnace is Getting too Old Without question, appliances simply cannot live forever. Your furnace has roughly an 18-20 lifespan at best. Taking care of your furnace with filter changes and regular checkups from a professional will help increase that lifespan. If your furnace is getting old, you will want to start saving back for a new one. The cost savings alone will likely make it worth it. You will probably want to get the furnace replaced as quickly as possible when you find out there will be a big difference in bills. Inefficient Operating Costs Old furnaces are not energy efficient and cost you extra money to run each month. If your furnace is rated at 60% AFUE (how much gas is used to heat your home), then you are wasting $.40...

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