How a Furnace Works Made Simple

January 11, 2022

Your furnace is an integral part of your home, but it often goes without much attention or thought. However, without the right attention at the right time, you may be left with a cold house. Let’s get to the fundamentals of what makes your furnace work, what poses risks to your family, and what attention you should give it as it serves your home. Types of Furnaces When it comes to furnaces, you have two distinctly different types. In moderate climates, like southern California, you may see electric furnaces. These use an electric resistance element to generate the heat needed to warm your house. They are simple, generally safe, and do not rely on any type of fuel to operate. Plus, they are more efficient, with some models reaching a 100% AFUE rating. However, they are still more expensive to run, being electricity is more expensive than furnace fuels. The most common type of furnace used in residences around the United States are fuel-burning systems. There are a variety of options for fuel used, including natural gas, propane, and oil. In more heavily developed areas, natural gas tends to be the fuel of choice, being it’s delivered to the house...

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