Does Rain Damage My Heating System Over Time?

October 8, 2018

Many people want to know if the rain and weather can damage an HVAC unit. Fortunately, your heating and cooling system is specially designed to handle moisture and extremes of temperature all year long. That means the weather is unlikely to cause any significant problems that regular maintenance can’t prevent. However, there are a few issues you should keep in mind to keep your HVAC system running safely. Hail Severe hail can cause damage to just about everything you own. If you expect a hail storm you should find some way to shelter an outdoor unit. Covering it with a free-standing wooden shelter might be the best solution. Do not use a tarp or plastic bag that will block ventilation. Flooding Instances of flooding where 15 inches or more of rain accumulates can damage your HVAC system. Sandbag barriers may prevent some damage. If your system is properly insulated, there is a chance it will not be damaged. However, electrical hazards can pose a serious threat to your safety. If your unit has endured severe flooding, it’s best to have it inspected by a heating and cooling professional. Snow If your outdoor unit becomes covered with snow, the vents can...

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