Can Air Conditioning Cause Headaches?

August 15, 2018

Air conditioning can be a blessing during the hot summer months, especially for those who would prefer to stop sweating profusely all over themselves. But not everyone feels good when they’re in a frigid retail store or even when they’re in their own home. They may struggle to find the right temperature, running hot or cold as they turn it a few notches up or down. Or they may even start to experience headaches when they feel their air conditioning kick on. Blood Vessel Constriction A cold stimulus headache effectively occurs when the blood vessels in the body constrict. If your body is trying to shield itself from freezing, it will slow the blood to protect the core. Unfortunately, this can also give you a headache because it’s interfering with the trigeminal nerve in the brain. If you’re in your house when this happens, you can turn up the thermostat. But if you’re out, you may just have to step outside. Humidity Your air conditioning makes it difficult to maintain a healthy level of humidity in the air. Too much humidity in the air can cause discomfort, but too little will dry out your skin and body. If you’re in...

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