14 Best Indoor Plants to Promote Healthy Indoor Air Quality

April 18, 2022

Indoor air quality is an important theme that must be addressed in each home, especially with the increasing number of people who spend their time inside. Indoor plants are great ways for homeowners to improve the air quality of their households. The following are some of the best indoor plants that can promote healthy indoor air quality. 1. Ficus Benjamina The Ficus Benjamina is one of the most commonly used houseplants in homes. The plant grows in sunny places. It can grow up to three feet, and its leaves are dark green and glossy. This plant has very few pest problems, which makes it an ideal indoor plant that can help improve indoor air quality. 2. Peace Lily The peace lily is another popular houseplant that can help improve the indoor air quality of a home or office. The houseplant has beautiful, hanging leaves that are bright green, and it grows very fast, reaching a length of up to two feet within a year. This plant will thrive indoors with proper care, but homeowners need to know how to care for this plant properly in order not to kill the plant’s roots due to overcrowding or lack of water. 3....

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