Who Invented Air Conditioning?

April 6, 2021

When the air conditioner breaks down, everyone notices. But do you ever stop to think of the guy who invented it? The idea behind air conditioning systems came way back in 1840 from a doctor, John Gorrie, from Florida. According to Gorrie, cooling homes and places of work could keep people comfortable and prevent some diseases. His idea was to use ice blocks from frozen lakes to cool hospital rooms. This did not work and he went on to research refrigeration. Through refrigeration, he created a machine that made ice for cooling purposes. In 1851, he got a patent for the ice-making machine, but he never lived long enough to see the machine come to the marketplace. The Invention of the Modern Air Conditioning System John Gorrie laid the foundation for the modern air conditioner, but it is Willis Carrier who brought the air conditioner to life. Carrier worked as an engineer for Buffalo Forge Company in New York. During his work as an engineer, Carrier was given a task to deal with a humidity problem that affected a Brooklyn publishing company. His task was to ensure humidity did not damage the pages of magazines. He designed the “Apparatus to...

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