New Year’s Resolutions for Your HVAC System

December 1, 2019

The new year is approaching so you’re probably already thinking of resolutions and goals. Saving money and reducing your carbon footprint are two impactful ways you can improve your lifestyle and maintain a more comfortable home. At , we specialize in providing efficient, affordable heating solutions to help you save money and conserve energy. Our experts recommend the following tips to boost your house’s energy efficiency in 2020. Stay on Top of Preventative Maintenance Preventative maintenance is important to keep your HVAC system efficient. We recommend having a licensed technician inspect your system annually to check for wear and tear and determine whether it is time to have components in your system cleaned to maintain air quality. This can help to avoid overworking your air conditioner and furnace. Change Air Filters Regularly The air filters in your HVAC system work hard to collect pollen, dust, and impurities all year. This keeps the air inside your house fresh. To work properly, these filters require regular cleaning and replacement. Depending on your system, you may need to swap them out every two to four months. Invest in a Smart Thermostat A smart thermostat is a worthy investment that will help you to...

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