What Thermostat Temperature is Best for the Winter?

Air Max HVAC has been helping homeowners in Burbank and throughout the neighboring communities stay warm since 2001. A common question we get from our customers are concerns regarding what the best thermostat temperature setting is for winter. Let’s have a closer look at the answer.

EPA Recommendation

The EPA focuses on energy conservation and so recommends 68 degrees Fahrenheit as a starting point. Research has shown that 68 degrees strikes a good balance between energy efficiency, safety and comfort. If you find 68 to be too cold, the EPA recommends increasing in one-degree increments. Wait a while, and then judge whether the new setting is comfortable enough.

Optimal Humidity Helps

Be mindful that the EPA makes this recommendation within the context of optimal relative humidity. Humidity is lower in winter, which is why static electricity is more common. The optimal relative humidity depends on a number of factors, but an RH of 40 percent is a good starting point and can make a difference of several degrees or more when it comes to being comfortable.

Invest in a Smart Thermostat

Your optimal temperature will vary throughout the day. The general recommendation is 62 to 66 degrees while everyone is out of the home. The lower the better. While 68 may be the optimal target while at home, 66 is usually more appropriate while sleeping and snuggled under the covers. This why a smart thermostat is such a great investment. It can achieve these levels automatically.

Your Ideal Settings

Everyone is different. Find your sweet spot. Even in a perfect environment, you may be better suited to 71 degrees while at home during the day and evening. That means that 69 may be better for you while sleeping, but you can still get away with 62 or so while at work.

Your Local Heating and Cooling Experts

Air Max HVAC in Burbank offers a full range of heating and cooling services. Our company is fully licensed and insured and is a Lennox Premier Dealer. We are also BBB-accredited with an A+ rating, so contact us today to learn more about how we can serve you.

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