What to do About a Rusty Air Conditioner

Though air conditioners are very sturdy machines, they still have the potential to rust just like any other piece of metal that is exposed to moisture. If you have noticed the appearance of any rusty streaks and spots on your AC unit, do not panic. This is typically a very easy problem to solve. Here are some tips for dealing with rust on your air conditioner.

The Problem with Rust

Can you just leave the rust alone? A lot of people pick this option because they think rust is just unsightly. However, it does real damage as it eats away at the metal, especially if it gets into the condenser. Another issue is that letting rust build up instead of calling Air Max HVAC for AC repair can end up voiding your warranty.

Removing Rust Yourself

If the rust is very light, you can usually remove it yourself. First, turn off the power to the unit entirely. Using sandpaper or a nylon brush, remove all the rust. Then, clean the area with a degreaser and paint over the cleaned area with a rust-proof paint and primer.

Deciding If You Need Professional Help

It is possible to remove the rust yourself in many situations. However, if the rust stains and streaks have been ignored for too long, it might be time to call the professionals. Here are a few signs that you may need help fixing your rusty air conditioner:

  • Strange smells when the AC turns on
  • Crumbling components due to rust
  • Thick rust that cannot be easily brushed away
  • Air that constantly feels too warm
  • Strange noises while the unit runs

Whether you have a rusty air conditioner or another potential problem, we are happy to meet your cooling needs. At Air Max HVAC, we have plenty of experience installing and working with a variety of heating and cooling systems. If you live in Burbank, Beverly Hills or Thousand Oaks, contact us today to learn more about our services.

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