When is it Time to Replace Your AC Unit?

Replacing your air conditioning unit in Burbank CAKnowing when it’s time to replace your home’s AC unit can help you save a considerable amount of money in the long run. Following are some tell-tale signs that it may be better to buy a new unit than it would be to fix an existing one.

The Department of Energy recommends replacing any AC unit that is over ten years old. Old units not only tend to need regular repair but are also significantly less energy efficient than their younger counterparts. Look for a new unit that has a high SEER rating in order to keep your electric bill low.

Subpar Service
If your AC unit isn’t keeping your home cool, call a reputable AC company to have it serviced. In some instances, the problems may be remediable. However, in other instances, you may need to replace the unit with a newer model.

You should also seriously consider replacing your HVAC unit if it is either too large or too small for your home. A unit that is just the right size will be the most effective in keeping the home at a comfortable temperature.

Maintenance Problems
If your HVAC unit needs regular repairs in order to work properly, you may find that it’s more cost-efficient to invest in a new unit. This same point holds true if you find that your existing unit needs costly repairs and/or a new, expensive part in order to work properly.

A coolant leak is also a tell-tale sign that a unit needs to be replaced. Many older HVAC units use R-22 refrigerant and this type of refrigerant is currently being phased out by the EPA. While it is still available, the cost of having R-22 put in your HVAC unit is steadily rising. What is more, experts note that a refrigerant leak is a clear indicator that the compressor will break down at some point.

Changes in Home Ownership
It may be a wise idea to replace your existing HVAC unit if you intend to sell the home in the near future. Buyers are becoming increasingly conscious of the importance of having an energy-efficient air conditioning unit and may be reluctant to buy a home that has an older AC unit which needs continuous repairs and/or lacks important amenities such as a programmable thermostat.

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