When Should Air Conditioner Maintenance Take Place?

Ideally, your air conditioner will be serviced once or twice per year. There are many benefits to doing this, such as catching minor problems before they become expensive repairs. However, the question for many is, when exactly should you make your next maintenance appointment?

Call Before the Temperatures Start to Warm Up

Generally speaking, you will use your air conditioning unit most often during the late spring, summer, and early fall months. Therefore, it is a good idea to call for a tune-up sometime in March or April just before the weather starts to get warm on a regular basis. At Air Max HVAC, we service the Burbank, Beverly Hills, and Thousand Oaks. Our crew can install, replace, and maintain a wide variety of air conditioner makes and models.

Have Your Air Conditioner Serviced in the Fall

It is a good idea to schedule another maintenance appointment in the fall before you stop using your air conditioner for the year. This allows a professional to determine if there are any issues that could prevent it from starting up properly in the spring. It may also make it easier to properly winterize the unit to protect it against falling leaves or animals looking for a spot to hibernate.

Avoid Making Appointments in the Summer

The reason why you want to make appointments in the early spring or late fall is that there will be less demand for service professionals. This means that you will get the service that you need without having to wait too long or pay emergency service fees. Ultimately, you won’t have to spend multiple days or nights sweating in your home because the air conditioner suddenly stops working and no one is around to fix it.

If you have an air conditioner, call Air Max HVAC right now. In addition to air conditioners, we can also service heating components as well as make sure that the air quality in your home meets your needs.

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