5 Most Common HVAC Issues

Duct Cleaning Filter Airmax Heating & Air is a full-service HVAC company located in Burbank, CA. Since 2001, we have been serving Burbank, CA and the surrounding areas with a wide variety of service benefits. We understand that knowledge is power, so we are going to take a moment to talk to you about five of the most common HVAC issues that you will run into as a homeowner. If any of these issues currently afflict your household, our staff is available to schedule a service appointment.

When discussing HVAC issues, we are speaking directly to the following components: heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. Inside your home or business, your HVAC system is what keeps you comfortable. With that being said, there is a wide variety of issue that can plague them. Listed below are the most common issues you’ll run into, but they are not the only issues.

1) Refrigerant Leaks – When speaking of the cooling system within your home, you’ll likely find that your AC unit relies on refrigerant in order to keep your building cool. When you have leaky refrigerant, your cooling system doesn’t operate at peak efficiency — thus causing your home to be stuffy and uncomfortable.

2) Dirty Filters – While filters are among the simplest of components inside of your HVAC system, they are often the root cause of a variety of issues. In order to keep your home comfortable, consider a maintenance agreement that includes routine filter changes.

3) Outdated Furnace – Did you know that most home furnaces are due to be replaced every 18 to 20 years? While routine furnace maintenance can extend that lifespan, typically you need to stick to this timeframe. We proudly offer free estimates on all furnace replacements so that you can keep your home warm this winter.

4) Broken Sensors – The thermostat in your home controls your entire HVAC system. When the sensors in your thermostat start to act up, the rest of your system will fail to operate correctly. Don’t let a faulty sensor ruin your day, give us a call and we can help.

5) Frozen Evaporator – The evaporating coil on your home cooling system is often a root cause of concern during the summer months. When ice builds up on the coil, your entire A/C is at risk. With proper maintenance and timely AC repair calls, you can avoid any major fallout from this issue.

Here at Airmax Heating & Air Conditioning, we proudly offer a full range of services to our customers. We are a full-service HVAC company which means that our licensed and trained professionals can help you with your heating, cooling, and air quality needs. From AC and furnace installations to regularly scheduled maintenance agreements, we are here to help. Contact us today!

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