7 Reasons Why Burbank Homeowners are Getting Home Energy Audits

Reasons Why Burbank Homeowners are Getting Home Energy Audits

More and more homeowners in Burbank are prioritizing energy audits and with good reason. Also known as a home energy assessment, an energy audit involves a complete evaluation of your energy usage and identifies any issues affecting your home’s energy performance. Following the recommendations provided after a professional energy audit allows homeowners all across the region to enjoy several benefits. To maximize these benefits, savvy homeowners get their homes assessed every two to three years or after completing any major home projects. A DIY audit may not be as thorough as a professional home energy assessment. When you attempt to conduct a DIY energy evaluation, you risk missing some energy-saving opportunities due to a lack of expertise and specialized equipment.

1. Save on Utility Bills

Energy inefficiencies can cost you a lot of money every year. A professional energy audit will not only reveal these inefficiencies but also provide a roadmap with targeted recommendations for improvement. Every improvement has the potential to reduce your utility bills significantly, so it is best for your wallet if you implement all the recommendations.

From upgrading your home’s insulation to sealing air leaks, implementing audit recommendations will help optimize your energy use and avoid unnecessary energy wastage. The money you spend on improvements will be an investment that will pay by yielding long-term savings.

2. Enhanced Home Comfort

Your home’s energy efficiency is often related to its comfort levels. Heating and cooling inefficiencies make it difficult for your house to cool off in the summer and warm up in the colder months. In other instances, you may have one room or living space that is uncomfortable most of the time.

A home energy audit will identify issues such as outdated windows with inadequate insulation properties. An HVAC professional can also locate areas with subpar airflow from your heating and cooling system. Correcting these issues per the auditor’s recommendation will eliminate hot and cold spots and make it easier for your HVAC system to keep up with your house’s heating and cooling demands.

3. Improved Indoor Air Quality

An energy audit will help locate air gaps throughout your home; air from outside seeps into your spaces through these gaps. The unconditioned air may contain dust, pollen, dander, mold spores, and other contaminants. Inhaling air with these contaminants poses a significant health risk as it can trigger allergic reactions and make respiratory conditions worse.

The energy auditor will recommend sealing all air gaps. Doing so will prevent the contaminants from entering the air in your living spaces. You can also talk to them about adding a whole-house air cleaner and humidity control to your home. They will let you know the benefits of various types of these systems and how they may affect your monthly utility costs.

4. Improved Health and Safety

Health and safety checks are an essential element of home energy audits. The auditor will check for electrical and other hazards like leaks from your natural gas lines. In addition, they will check that HVAC system components like furnaces and boilers are venting correctly to the outside to ensure dangerous emissions like carbon monoxide do not seep into your home.

5. Reduced Carbon Footprint

Beyond personal gains, conducting an energy audit is a step in the right direction for homeowners who are concerned about the environment and want to contribute to global efforts to create a sustainable and green environment. Optimizing your home’s energy efficiency will mean you use less fossil fuels, effectively reducing your carbon footprint.

The energy audit may also provide an opportunity for you to get expert advice on diversifying your energy mix by adding alternative energy sources such as solar power and heating. Going ahead and adopting these renewable energy sources will help reduce your carbon footprint even further.

6. Extend Your HVAC System’s Lifetime

Energy inefficiencies throughout your home strain your heating and cooling system. This continued stress will shorten the lifespan of your heater and air conditioner. It may also result in more frequent breakdowns, which are inconvenient and expensive.

An auditor can inform you about issues that may contribute to greater wear and tear on your system on top of creating efficiency issues. One such problem is dirty or faulty ductwork, which can impede airflow through your forced-air system. It is also possible that you are not changing your air filters as often as you should or using the wrong ones. They may recommend having a professional attend to your ducts and advise you on the type of HVAC filters you should use for optimal system performance.

7. Improved Home Value

Energy efficiency is a big deal among home buyers in Burbank and other areas in California. Implementing the recommendations from your energy audit will improve your home’s energy efficiency and raise its value.

Your home will be a more attractive investment, and potential buyers may gladly pay more if your home consistently scores as highly efficient during energy audits. A forward-thinking buyer will see all the savings they will realize after buying the home. Additionally, knowing that an expert has inspected your property during energy assessments and identified potential issues inspires buyer confidence.

What to Expect During a Home Energy Audit

An overview of what an energy audit involves will clue you in on what to expect when you schedule one for your home. Air Max HVAC has conducted energy audits for many homes in the area, and you can trust us to do a comprehensive job. You will not be required to do anything elaborate in preparation for the energy audit. That said, it will be helpful to your auditor if you compile a list of problems you may have observed. Also, ensure you have on hand copies of your recent monthly utility bills and details of the construction of your home.

A home energy audit will involve a preliminary walk-through and visual inspection, followed by the use of various diagnostic equipment to carry out tests and take measurements. Exactly how long the process will take will depend on the size of your home. Our goal is to identify all problem areas, and our auditors are happy to take their time and do a thorough job with the audit.

Some of the testing equipment our professionals will use includes infrared cameras and flow meters to conduct a thorough survey of your home. Following the audit, you will get a technical report detailing the auditor’s findings and recommendations on what you can do to resolve the identified problem areas.

Schedule a Home Energy Audit With the Experts

At Air Max HVAC, we have served the residents of Burbank, CA and the surrounding areas for over 80 years. We install, maintain, and repair heating and cooling systems. Additionally, we are indoor air quality experts and offer maintenance agreements to ensure your HVAC system performs as it should. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our HVAC technicians for a home energy audit.

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