AC Installation In Agoura Hills

    New Cooling Installation Pros in Agoura Hills

    If you’re in need of an AC installation, Air Max HVAC can help you out! We have been serving Agoura Hills, CA, and the surrounding areas for nearly two decades. We’re a top-rated team with experience installing all shapes and sizes of air conditioners, and use our expertise to assist our customers find solutions that are perfect for their homes. No matter your budget and cooling needs, we’re confident we have what it takes to make getting a new AC in your home a smooth and seamless process.

    You do not have to stress over an AC replacement when you have us by your side. Our experienced crew will install a high-quality air conditioner at an affordable price, and ensure your comfort from start to finish.

    If you have not heard of our services, here are a few reasons why we are so well known throughout Agoura Hills.

    Plus, we’re a Lennox Premier Dealer! It’s one of the many reasons we’ve been trusted by so many homeowners to handle this important task. Choosing the right air conditioner is a major decision, and one that will affect your comfort for many years to come. Rely on our expert installation team to guarantee you get results that will gain your satisfaction for the long haul.

    Affordable AC Installation Agoura Hills

    Air Max HVAC has grown in Agoura Hills from one thing – getting the job done right with each and every customer we service. Agoura Hill residents are confident in the work that we provide and continue to use our services year round. You can see our AC replacement results in the homes and businesses of many people around Agoura Hills. If you are in need of a new air conditioner, count on Agoura Hill’s best cooling company!

    AC Installation in Agoura Hills

    Lennox Premier Dealer

    Our status as a trusted local Lennox Premier Dealer means more than just access to a great selection of high quality air conditioners. It’s a testament to our continued dedication to industry expertise, customer service, and exceptional results. Our partnership with Lennox is a reflection of our aligned values and standards for how we conduct ourselves, treat our customers, and the level of quality we provide for our clients.

    AC Replacement that You Can Depend On

    When you are ready to replace your AC unit, we will guide you through the entire customer journey. You certainly have questions about the process, and we absolutely have the answers! These are the services that you can count on when you let us handle your installation.

    • A quality installation that increases your indoor air quality
    • Lower energy bills over time with a new AC unit
    • Better temperature control in your home
    • Warranties after install for piece of mind

    Not only will we analyze your home layout and property size to help you find the right size of air conditioner, we will conduct a thorough assessment of your needs. This involves consideration of your budget, your current ductwork, your cooling habits, what type of performance you want in a new air conditioner, IAQ upgrades, and any other add-ons or advanced features that might interest you. Each installation is unique, and each customer we serve has their own specific needs. That is why we take great care in taking the time to make sure your new AC is exactly what we want before installing it. Of course, once you’ve decided on a system, all that’s left for you to do is sit back and watch us work our magic.

    We’ll carefully remove your old air conditioner for proper disposal, and then get everything ready for installation. Our installation team takes all steps necessary to protect your property during the process, and will work quickly and efficiently to get the job done on time. Once the system has been installed, we’ll test everything for performance and operation and gladly answer any questions you have.

    Need Help Deciding if an AC Replacement is Right for You?

    Let’s face it. Purchasing a new air conditioner probably isn’t your idea of a fun time. It means a considerable upfront cost, and the time it will take to have the installation performed. While we consider our AC products to be well worth the cost and our services to be fast and hassle-free, we also understand that if your air conditioner still has serviceable life and it makes sense to repair it instead, that is often preferable. We’re more than happy to provide you with an inspection and analysis of your current air conditioner and any recommended repairs. Our technicians can give you an expert opinion about whether a replacement may be a good option for you to consider.

    We can also show you cost analysis between the cost of a repair and potential remaining lifespan compared to the cost of a new system and the savings of higher efficiency, as well as the benefits of greater performance. If you’d like honest and professional advice if you think it might be time to consider an AC replacement, we’re the team you can trust.

    Unmatched AC Installation Quality

    With decades of experience servicing and installation all types of air conditioners, we are proud to service Agoura Hills with a truly exceptional experience. From start to finish, you can be highly confident that our team will both pair you with the right AC system for your needs and install it flawlessly. We stay current with industry trends, manufacturer recommendations, and local area codes for installations. Even after your installation, you can depend on our team for continued support and service for the lifespan of your new system. From maintenance and repairs to even simple guidance for operations and upkeep, we’re here to help.

    Why wait? Your comfort and happiness are waiting for you with a new AC unit. Make an appointment with one of our dedicated AC and heating installation experts today. We are ready to help the good homeowners and business owners in Agoura Hills right now! We also offer repair or maintenance plans.

    What are the things required for AC installation?

    AC installation requires assessing room size, electrical capacity, and insulation. Choose a suitable location for the indoor and outdoor units. Ensure proper ductwork and drainage. Have necessary tools and materials on hand. Hire a licensed professional for installation to ensure safety and efficiency.