Air Conditioning Maintenance in Agoura Hills

    If you’re a Southern California resident, then you don’t need us to tell you how hot summer temperatures can get. When temperatures are high, it’s only natural to want to soak up the sun in the pool or at the beach, and then return home to a cool, comfortable living space. Unfortunately, for those who haven’t properly maintained their air conditioning system, it seems like the dog days of summer are always when the unit breaks down. That’s why scheduling AC maintenance with our team in Agoura Hills, CA, is a must! Our technicians will ensure that your air conditioner is running in peak condition to ensure you enjoy a cool and comfortable summer in your home. With a comprehensive multi-point inspection process, there’s no doubt that after we’re finished your AC will be ready for peak performance and efficiency.

    The good news is that emergency repairs are easy to prevent – all it takes is a little preventative AC maintenance. Air Max HVAC can help, and when you work with us, you’ll be privy to benefits such as:

    We work very hard to bring the highest caliber of service and customer experience into your home, making us a great choice to perform this important preventative measure in your home year after year. Our highly skilled technicians are familiar with all makes and models of air conditioners, and will know exactly what to do and look for to keep your AC running at its best.

    The Top Benefits of Our Preventative AC Tune-Up

    AC Maintenance in Agoura Hills, CA

    We don’t just stress the importance of AC maintenance in Agoura Hills because it’s a service that we provide. The number one cause of AC breakdowns is because of a lack of adequate air conditioning care – so it pays to take maintenance seriously. Allowing our technicians to perform this very important comes with a wide range of benefits that make scheduling your annual tune-up a very cost-effective service. From improved indoor air quality and maintaining your system warranty to lowering your energy costs by achieving greater energy effiency, there are plenty of reasons why regular maintenance is a great choice in caring for your air conditioner.

    Aside from minimizing the chances of an unexpected air conditioning break down, some of the other benefits associated with regular AC tune ups include:

    • Improved indoor air quality
    • Better cooling efficiency, resulting in lower energy bills
    • Better airflow and cooling effectiveness
    • Greater comfort and peace of mind
    • Maintain system warranty

    Our Air Max HVAC team is happy to provide you with all of the benefits of AC maintenance as often as you’d like, but we recommend scheduling this service at least once a year. Not only is annual maintenance required by most major manufacturers as part of the system warranty, it’s also because a full season of cooling can cause your air conditioner to lose efficiency and be more prone to repairs should you forgo a tune-up.

    The AC Tune-Up Process

    So, what are we actually doing during an AC tune-up? For starters, your air conditioner will likely have dust collected after it lays silent during the cold months while your heater is doing its job. We’ll clean out this dust to prevent it from causing parts failures and poor indoor air quality, in addition to poor energy efficiency. In scheduling your tune-up before the summer heat arrives, you can turn on a clean AC ready for maximum performance. Your technician will also perform a very detailed series of inspection. This includes checking your refrigerant levels, leak inspections, and any potential electrical issues.

    After a full summer of frequent starting and stopping, the vibrations and wear can make components prone to failure. We’ll be able to spot warning signs with your compressor, coils, fans, and virtually any part in your AC. Should we discover anything unusual, we may recommend a part replacement. This will give you the opportunity to handle a smaller repair instead of experiencing a more costly emergency breakdown during the summer and going without AC. Finally, we run an advanced series of performance tests with your air conditioner and thermostat to make sure everything is working correctly.

    Valuable Service Agreements

    If you’re tired of having to remember to schedule your annual AC tune-up, we have great news! By signing up for one of our service agreements, we’ll take the hassle out of maintenance. Not only will we remind you when it’s time for service, you’ll also get exclusive access to tons of perks and discounts only available to members. These include discounts on parts and labor, filter cleaning and replacements, and more! Be sure to ask your technician for more information and to get you started on signing up.

    Your Air Conditioning Maintenance Experts in Agoura Hills

    Just why is Air Max HVAC Agoura Hills’ first choice for air conditioning maintenance and service? It’s largely due to our customer-centric business model and our comprehensive AC inspection and maintenance offerings. We offer a multi-point inspection on all tune ups, which allows us to take a closer look at the overall health of the system. From there, we can make recommendations for improvement, or carry out minor tweaks or adjustments ourselves.

    If you’d like to get on our schedule to perform maintenance on your air conditioner, we’re here to take your call. Contact our friendly, experienced team today!

    We also offer installations and AC repair as well. Not looking for AC services? We also offer heating maintenance.

    For more information on Air Max HVAC and our leading AC maintenance services, contact us today.