How to Reduce Energy Costs on Aging AC Units

June 14, 2018

It is somewhat common to struggle with energy cost increases with your home’s aging AC units. They no longer run as efficiently as they once did. This causes your bills to go up. But, this is nothing to ignore. When you call Air Max HVAC, Inc., our team can troubleshoot your system to determine what types of concerns exist and then offer solutions to help you get your system back up and working at its best. How to Reduce Costs The first step is to have a comprehensive service call on your air conditioner. Our team will come to your home to inspect, clean, and repair your system. This can help to increase your overall efficiency right away. Or, it can give us some insight into the underlying problems present. From here, we’ll talk about key concerns causing your aging air conditioning units to struggle. Your system may need significant repairs or upgrades. This may be possible in some models. You may need to have your ducts and filters cleaned and replaced as needed. This can help to reduce your overall energy efficiency of poor maintenance or significant dust buildup causes the problem. If the system is over 10 to...

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