Fall Indoor Air Quality Concerns & How to Prevent Them

Spring might be a harsh allergy season, but fall can be equally difficult for allergy sufferers. Even indoors, we can experience allergy symptoms, so you want to keep the indoor air quality at a healthy level during the fall season. Here are a few things to do to counter those fall air quality concerns.

Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

There are several things that you can do to improve indoor air quality during the fall. For starters, you can open the windows to let out that stale air and allow some fresh breezes into your home. However, this can open your home to outside pollen, and it might not be a suitable solution for those with allergies. If you need to test the air quality of your Burbank home, our technicians will make sure that you are breathing high-quality air.

Use a HEPA Filter on Your Vacuum

You can keep pollutants, pet dander, mold, and dust mites under control with the help of a HEPA filter. These filters will trap the harmful particles in the filters, helping you to breathe a little easier this fall.

Change Your Heating Air Filter

It is important to change your air filter throughout the year. However, you want to avoid fiberglass filters. You should choose a densely pleated air filter that can capture all those annoying particles.

Use an Air Purifier

If you suffer from extreme allergies, you should consider purchasing an air purifier. These models are available as a house unit or portable filter. You can move around the portable models from room to room. A whole-home unit is usually installed in the HVAC system, and it does a more efficient job cleaning the air.

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