How to Care for Your AC System

August 5, 2019

Your AC system is an investment. It requires ongoing TLC, and an optimal approach to maintenance can help ensure the lowest total cost for operation. Initial Inspection has been serving homeowners in Burbank and the neighboring communities with a full range of AC services since 2001. When you purchase a residence with an AC system already in place, you never know how diligent the last owner was. That’s why we recommend scheduling a comprehensive professional inspection as soon as possible. Seasonal Inspection and Maintenance After installation or full inspection, you only need a seasonal inspection. Early spring is a good target since it lets you identify and correct any issues well before the hottest months arrive. Scheduling service is advisable whenever you notice anything that seems unusual. A Monthly Basic Inspection Our company also recommends that you perform a basic inspection each month. This is especially important if there has been a serious storm that may have damaged any equipment outside. Change Air Filters as Needed Air filters should be swapped out, or cleaned if you have reusables, after three months of use. However, we recommend examining them during the monthly inspection and replacing any that are visibly dirty. Check...

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