Why Does My Heating System Keep Turning Off?

Your furnace has several safety switches that are monitoring different conditions within the system. If they detect a problem, they will turn off your furnace to keep it from failing.

If a safety switch turns off your furnace, the controller will wait a few minutes and restart the furnace. If a safety switch still detects a problem or is malfunctioning, it will turn off your furnace again. This cycle may continue until the problem is determined and fixed.

A Diagnostic Test Will Find Your Furnace’s Problem

Safety switches are monitoring airflow, heat buildup and the presence of a flame when fuel is being fed to your furnace. The skilled technicians at Air Max HVAC in Burbank, CA, can determine if a safety concern is present or if one of the sensors is beginning to fail.

One of these sensors is monitoring the volume of air flowing through your furnace. Low airflow can cause the heat exchanger to overheat. An airflow problem might be caused by a dirty air filter, a dirty blower wheel, too many closed heat vents or an obstruction within the system.

The flame sensor is ensuring that a flame is present when fuel is being fed to the ignition chamber. If no flame is present while fuel is flowing, an explosive atmosphere will be created. Oftentimes, the flame sensor becomes corroded and is not able to detect a flame when one is present. Air Max HVAC will be able to determine if the sensor needs to be cleaned or replaced.

A heat sensor is watching the heat buildup inside the furnace. A lack of proper airflow can cause this to happen. The blower wheel supplies the proper volume of air into and through the furnace. As the air travels through, it absorbs the heat produced and transfers it throughout your home or business. If not enough air is supplied, the heat exchanger can overheat.

Get an Annual Tune-up for Your Furnace

By getting a yearly tune-up, you could avoid furnace malfunctions at inopportune times. At Air Max HVAC, we provide heating and cooling maintenance, repair and installation throughout the Burbank area. Our experts will keep your furnace operating properly. To learn more about our heating and air conditioning services, call us today.

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