How To Light a Pilot Light on a Furnace

How To Light a Pilot Light on a FurnaceWhen your furnace goes out on a cold winter night, you need to get that pilot light lit again quickly. In this article, we intend to help you do just that. The brief discussion below will take you through the steps required to get your furnace’s pilot light lit once more.

Carefully Check Out the Instruction Label on Your Furnace

Look at the sides of your furnace. On one of the sides, you should find a label with instructions. On this label, you’ll find information to help you light the pilot light properly. This information will be specific to your furnace and pertain to your particular make and model. Try to locate this label if at all possible.

Set the Pilot Light Dial to “Off”

The next step is to look for the pilot light dial. This will generally be on the lower part of your home furnace. Once you’ve found it, you’ll notice that it has several settings, usually marked “On,” “Off” and “Pilot.” Next, simply turn that knob until it is set to the off position. Once you’ve done this, wait for approximately five minutes. This will be enough time to allow any gas to dissipate.

Use a Lighter to Light the Pilot Light

It would be best if you use a long lighter to actually light the pilot light. You need to hold down the button marked “Reset” near your pilot dial. As you’re doing this, put the flame to the pilot light within the opening. Continue to keep the reset button down for a few seconds. Your furnace pilot light should start right up. After it does, you can release the reset button.

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