How to Shade Your Outdoor AC Unit

AC Shade in Burbank, CA

AC units are notorious for breaking down in the middle of summer, just when you need them the most. The constant sun that’s present in Burbank and Los Angeles County causes many problems for any piece of machinery and can be particularly troublesome for air conditioning units. If there is one thing you should remember to do this summer, it’s to keep your AC unit safe from the sun’s rays. You can take some relatively easy steps to ensure that your AC unit will continue to do its job properly during the hottest months.

Build a Simple Frame

If you plan to build a shade structure over your outdoor air conditioning unit, the easiest way to achieve maximum protection is by using a simple frame. A frame also makes it easier to measure and cut cloth for custom shading. But if you’d rather not build a structure, that’s okay. You can easily attach canvas or other materials directly to the sides of your AC unit.

Attach a Shade Cloth

Help protect your outdoor AC unit from the sun with a shade cloth that attaches to your air conditioner by using ties around the cage, allowing for a custom fit to your unit.

Create an AC Unit Cover

Shade sails work well when only a portion of the unit is in direct sunlight. Roll-up sleeves offer complete coverage for air conditioner units exposed to full sun all day long. With each product, there are different attachments and accessories. Some require pole brackets, supports, and clips for positioning; others come with stakes or guy wires for placing directly into the ground to help secure the cover.

Plant Trees

Planting a tree to act as shade is one of the easiest ways to protect your AC unit. The best trees to plant are those that grow slowly and have a low-lying canopy, such as pines, magnolias, cherry, or dogwood. It’s best not to plant any plants within a 10-foot radius of your air conditioner to leave enough space for air to escape through vents.

Install a Trellis

A trellis is an excellent addition to the exterior of your home that can help block the sun and add privacy to your outdoor space. By building your own, you can choose the material that best fits your home’s décor and budget.

Design a Latticework Wall

A latticework wall is an excellent option for shading your outdoor AC unit. It’s simple to create and will benefit you from the natural shade. If you’re looking for something more elaborate and artistic, you can use latticework as a design element to enhance the overall aesthetic of your yard.

Where You Install the AC Unit Matters

If you want to keep your outdoor AC unit from getting hot, install it on the north or east side of your home. The north side receives the least amount of light, and while the east side will receive light in the morning, it will still be cooler outside, so the AC unit won’t get as hot naturally. The south side of your house will be the hottest and will receive the most direct sunlight, so this is the least efficient place for your AC. The west side will get sun in the mid- to late afternoon when it will be hottest, so this isn’t ideal either. Using natural shade is always the best idea.

Paint Your AC Unit a Light Color

Finding the right color to paint your AC unit is easy. While most manufacturers recommend using only their custom products, you can choose any light-reflecting color with a matte finish. Even if you live in an area with low humidity and high temperatures, you can still reflect heat away from your home and save energy.

Cover the Air Conditioner With an Awning

One way to shade your air conditioner is with an awning. An awning will not only help keep the heat and building’s cool air in but can also add style to your space. There are several different types of awnings, so it may make sense to consult a professional before purchasing one. Awnings are generally made from durable cloth or aluminum, and in many cases, the pricing includes installation.

The Importance of Shading Your AC

Shading your AC unit is crucial. It could make a big difference in how high your energy bills are and how long your air conditioner lasts. Here are some benefits of shading your air conditioning unit.

Decrease Energy Usage

The shade keeps out direct sunlight, which is one of the significant factors in increasing energy costs throughout the entire year. By adding a small amount of shading to your home, you can save up to 30% on energy costs during peak cooling months. A well-shaded air conditioner will help the equipment perform more efficiently and save you money. Ensure that your trees’ leaves do not block or restrict airflow to the unit because this will reduce efficiency.

Extend the Life of Your AC

Your air conditioning system is a valuable investment, so it’s essential to understand how shading your AC can extend its life. Shading your unit helps protect it from heat, light, and moisture and can even help reduce your energy bill by allowing the unit to run less frequently. Plus, the dust and debris that can get into an unprotected outdoor AC unit can cause frequent breakdowns and increased wear and tear.

Increased Efficiency

Shading your AC is an inexpensive method to improve the efficiency of your air conditioning system. Properly sized shade trees or deciduous shrubs planted near your AC unit will prevent it from working as hard. Shading your unit can reduce AC run time by up to 30%, which will save you money.

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