The Benefits of Electrostatic Air Filters

August 8, 2020

An electrostatic air filter permanently replaces the traditional filter that must be changed every month in an HVAC unit or furnace. Not only is this type of filter economical, but it will also remove the dirt, debris and allergens from the indoor air. Instead of spending hard-earned money every month to purchase a new conventional filter, the electrostatic air filter is removed, taken outside, then washed using a hose. The idea is to save money without compromising the quality of the air. The best part is as long as the filter is taken care of properly, there should be no need to replace it. Electrostatic air filters offer numerous benefits, such as allergy relief and environmental friendliness. Contact for more information about electrostatic air filters. How Does an Electrostatic Air Filter Work? The principle behind this type of air filter is static electricity as opposed to traditional electricity. A negative charge is contained within the entire surface of the filter media. When air passes through the filter, the surface is enhanced. Extremely small particles, including mold, pollen and dust, are positively charged. This means the filter will attract them like a magnet. All of these particles are responsible for poor...

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