The Benefits of Electrostatic Air Filters

An electrostatic air filter permanently replaces the traditional filter that must be changed every month in an HVAC unit or furnace. Not only is this type of filter economical, but it will also remove the dirt, debris and allergens from the indoor air. Instead of spending hard-earned money every month to purchase a new conventional filter, the electrostatic air filter is removed, taken outside, then washed using a hose.

The idea is to save money without compromising the quality of the air. The best part is as long as the filter is taken care of properly, there should be no need to replace it. Electrostatic air filters offer numerous benefits, such as allergy relief and environmental friendliness. Contact Air Max HVAC for more information about electrostatic air filters.

How Does an Electrostatic Air Filter Work?

The principle behind this type of air filter is static electricity as opposed to traditional electricity. A negative charge is contained within the entire surface of the filter media. When air passes through the filter, the surface is enhanced. Extremely small particles, including mold, pollen and dust, are positively charged. This means the filter will attract them like a magnet.

All of these particles are responsible for poor air quality in the home as well as air pollution. The design of an electrostatic filter traps the particles to eliminate them from the air breathed by the household. This type of filter is also referred to as a reusable or washable filter. Since an electrostatic filter is permanent, the need to purchase replacement disposable filters every other month is eliminated.

All filters are created for the same purpose — to trap the allergens, dust and dirt in the home. While a pleated filter will catch dirt and dust, an electrostatic filter catches a lot of additional air. This could be important depending on your heating and cooling setup.

Why Improving Indoor Air Quality Is So Important

Poor air quality is caused by air particles, including dirt, debris, dust and pollen. Once these particles are removed from the air, the quality improves. In addition to being more effective for trapping air particles, electrostatic filters also eliminate odors.

Modern homes have a much tighter build. This means more potentially hazardous particles and contaminants could be trapped. According to the EPA, the concentrations of indoor pollutants have increased during the last decade due to construction focused on energy efficiency. This type of construction does not generally have sufficient mechanical ventilation for an adequate exchange of air due to the use of more synthetic building materials. Electrostatic air filters can help correct this issue.

However, there are ways you can help your filter along. Keeping the home clean will significantly decrease animal dander, dirt and dust. Any items in the home attracting allergens should be cleaned on a regular basis. This includes draperies and bedding. Remove as much clutter as possible from the home because it will trap dust. If there are either area rugs or carpeting, they should be vacuumed once or twice every week.

Benefits of Electrostatic Air Filters

We all know that proper heating and cooling as well as indoor air quality are important for all homes. To review, here are the top reasons why electrostatic air filters are so beneficial in accomplishing these goals.


Some of the most efficient air filters available on the market are electrostatic. The design ensures the filter helps trap and remove contaminants from the air.

When you’re heating or cooling your home, all of the air circulating passes through the filter. At Air Max HVAC, we have found electrostatic filters extremely effective in removing both allergens and harmful pollutants from indoor air. Efficiency is improved based on the MERV rating of an electrostatic air filter. This is generally between five and six.

The MERV rating is dependent on the specific brand. When a better filter with a high MERV rating is used, the HVAC functions more efficiently because the air passing through the unit is filtered. The result is better air quality than what can be expected with a pleated filter.

Cost Effectiveness

When an electrostatic filter is purchased, the need to buy new filters every month is eliminated. This is because an electrostatic filter is permanent and should last indefinitely. Until the entire HVAC system is replaced, there is no need to purchase another electrostatic filter.

The Savings

An electrostatic air filter is important for preventing the air conditioning coils and heating components from being coated in a layer of dust particles. The main cause of HVAC failure is dirt. When the unit is cleaner, the HVAC is more efficient. This will save money on repairs and energy usage, resulting in smaller utility bills in addition to the cost of replacement filters.

Saving Time and Energy

In addition to eliminating the need to consistently purchase new filters, there is no longer a need to try to find the specific sized filter required by the unit. Some filters are easier to find, but others are not always available online. This requires a drive to the store, finding the right filter, then waiting in line to make the purchase.

Relieving Allergies

If the air circulating throughout the home is not cleaned on a regular basis, pollen, pet dander, dust and mold will circulate with the air. If anyone in the home has asthma, the chances are good that they will have problems. Allergens can harm everyone living in the home. Using an electrostatic air filter in an HVAC system helps protect the health of the family.

An electrostatic filter significantly reduces respiratory, allergy and asthma symptoms by decreasing the amount of pollen, animal dander, mold spores and dust in the air. The electrostatic properties of the filter help control all of these elements for cleaner air.

Environmental Friendliness

Since electromagnetic filters are permanent, no disposable air filters are added to the landfills every month. This will help to preserve the environment.

Lifetime Warranty

The majority of electrostatic air filters include a lifetime warranty. This will come in handy if there are any defects in manufacturing. As long as the filter is taken care of correctly by following the manufacturer’s directions, the filter is permanent.

Cleaning Less Frequently

An electromagnetic air filter collects dust every time the HVAC unit is used. The reduction in dust means a lot less time is necessary to dust the home.

Easy Maintenance

An electromagnetic filter is a lot easier to maintain because all that is required is hosing it down to achieve optimum filtration and efficiency.

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